Australe 340 shade sails pack

A complete Australe 340 shade sail pack

Since shade sails are so trendy, Espace Ombrage has available complete packs for an easy and fast installation. You will find multiple shade sails as well as all the fixture elements.

Australe 340 Packs

At Espace Ombrage, we offer solutions that include all the installation of your shade sail so that you can save time. Find all the combinations of sizes and colors. 

The Australe 340 shade sail is one of the best shade sails on the market. In terms of sun protection, it protects against 97% of UV rays while having optimal wind resistance. Inspired by nautical engineering, the Australe 340 shade cloth combines strength and design. Indeed, in addition to being a protection against the sun, it is a trendy accessory that allows to decorate your outdoor spaces effectively. 

Available in 8 colors, the Australe 340 multi-range packs will adapt to all types of habitats thanks to a panel of customizable fixings: adjustable masts, wall fixings, ...

Australe 340 Packs