Custom-made shade sail Configurator

Create your customed shade sail

Because you know your environment the best, Espace Ombrage provides you a configurator to create the most suitable shade sail. With or without a winder, design the shade fabric that will enhance your outdoor space.

Custom shade sail

The online Configurator Espace Ombrage customs shading sails allows you to create the shading fabric that will enhance your garden or terrace. Use our online Configurator to design the right project for you and choose the appropriate fastening modes.

For this, Espace Ombrage, number 1 of the roller shade sail offers you its new configurations to create your shade sail:

- the customized sail Configurator that allows you to choose the shape that suits you, in the dimensions, material and color of your choice;

- the custom shade sail Configurator offers the same features by adding a roller to your design. This equipment allows you to roll up and unroll up with ease, your canvas to suit your desires.

Custom shade sail