Roll out and put away your shade sail easily

A  retractable shade sail  offers an indisputable advantage to locations exposed to the vagaries of the wind. Depending on the conditions, you can easily roll up your  shade sail  to protect it. 
Choose the fabric you want according to your expectations (Australe 220, Austral 340, Acryl 300 or Acryl 300 finishing old rigging). For dimensions, you can select standard size retractor sails  , or prefer a  custom sail  to be in perfect harmony with your environment.

Roller shade sails

Enjoy greater comfort in the use of your sail thanks to the winding system. The toothed pulley allows you to wind the sail at any time, and thus  protect your installation  in strong winds.

This system is ideal for those who want to have a sail while keeping the possibility of storing it very easily, indeed the furling sails unfold and retract very quickly,  in less than a minute  !

Roller shade sails

The roller shade sail available in several finishes

To better meet your needs in terms of sun protection and strength, our roller blinds are available in several finishes.

Australe 220

The Australe 220 shade sail is a lightweight sail that effectively protects from the sun while being wind resistant. Its different colors and formats allow it to integrate with all types of configurations. Opt for effective sun protection and design.

Australe 340

The Australe 340 shade sail is one of the best shade sails on the market. With a 97% UV blocking and optimum wind resistance, this is a sail that will last over time. Inspired by nautical engineering, its robustness is more to prove and its marine style gives it a marine look. Available to measure and in many colors, this protection will be effective, adaptable to all configurations while giving a modern and design touch to your outdoor spaces.

Acrylic 300

The Acryl 300 shade sail finish is as effective against the sun as the Australe 340, but its acrylic fabric also protects it from the rain. This, however, gives it a lower wind resistance due to the impermeability of the fabric.

Acryl 300 Old Rigging

With the same capabilities as the Acryl 300 finish, the Acryl 300 Old Rigging Sail, the difference is only in the aesthetic aspect. With a special manufacturing process that reinforces the marine spirit.

The advantages of the roller shade sail

The roller shade sail offers a good advantage over the conventional shade sail in its use. Indeed, thanks to our winding system, you can fold and unfold the sail in just a few seconds. In regions particularly subject to the winds, it is an essential equipment!

Customized roller shade sail

Make the choice of tailor-made

To better optimize your shading facilities, some product lines are available to measure. Among them, the Austral Finishes 340, Acryl 300 and Acryl 300 Old Rigging.

Tools and a specialized team

Our solution is 100% digital, we do not move to our customers to realize their projects. Thus, we have developed two tools to realize and visualize your future custom shade sail installation projects. On one side an online configurator that you can use if you already have a clear idea of ​​your project as well as a 3D software created exclusively for the installation of shade sails.

With more than 10 years experience in shade sail, our teams are available to support you in your projects. It is important to note that the quotes are free and processed within 72 hours. A good way to have a clear vision of our services.

In order to help you in your choices, we have created this small summary table that includes all the technical characteristics of roller shade sails. 

Australe 220Australe 340Acrylic 300Acryl 300 Old Rigging
material 100% high density polyethylene 100% high density polyethylene 100% acrylic 100% acrylic
Finishing winder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Winding time 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute 1 minute
Weaving Aerated weaving Micro-perforated weave Tight weave Tight weave





Stain Stain
tilt Free Free 20% minimum 20% minimum
Standard format Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tailored No Yes Yes Yes
Raincoat No No Yes Yes
Wind resistance 80km / h 80km / h 60km / h 60km / h
UV filtration 90% 97% 97% 97%
Reinforced angles No Yes Yes Yes
weight 220g/m² 340g / m² 300g / m² 300g / m²
color 4 8 25 25
Shipping time 72h 2 to 3 weeks 2 to 3 weeks 2 to 3 weeks