Australe 220 3 Triangles

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Australe 220 3 Triangles

A special pack with 3 shade sails + installation accessories, for a design installation.

This pack includes :

The shade sails: 3 triangular sails
The fixtures: 1 or 2 adjustable poles with the tension systems and the slides + the wall fixtures

To cover a surface of approximately 4,60 x 3,00 m

Total required space: 5,40 x 4,10 m

Design and functional :

mât réglable pour voile d'ombrage

  • Independently adapt the incline of your shade sails with the slides integrated into the poles and benefit from shade all day.
  • The anodized stainless aluminum poles of 3mm thickness guarantee a durable and aesthetic installation. They are removable : remove them easily in the winter and slide them on their base when the sunny says are back !





Beautiful finishing touches for our shade sails:

  • Conceived without eyelets to avoid tears
  • Reinforcement strap inserted in the lining of the shade sail forming a hanging strap in the corners : the tractions are distributed in the entire surface and the shade sails benefits from a better resistance.
  • Technology from the nautical field.



Quality fabrics :


The Australe 220 canvas has a very good wind resistance with its airy fabric.

UV filtration : 90%
Color resistance to light : 7-8 on a scale of 8 (to compare, cotton has a resistance of 4)
Fabric composition : 100% Polyethylene, micro perforated canvas.
Fabric weight : 220g/m2

Sail dimensions :

  • Sail 1: triangle 3,00 x 4,00 x 5,00 m
  • Sail 2: triangle 3,60 x 3,60 x 3,60 m
  • Sail 3: triangle 3,00 x 4,00 x 5,00 m 


See more details on the canvas quality.


Well-conceived fixtures

fixation murale longue voile d'ombrage

  • Elegant anodized aluminum poles with galvanized steel core for an optimal resistance . Removable for smart storage with an adjustable fixture height to incline the shade sail according to the sun’s position.


  • Des de High quality nautical fixtures with stainless steel pulleys and nautical rope , giving a marine aspect to the shade sails that is visually appealing and additional ease of installation and disassembly..


... and additional accessories such as the adjustable pole spot or the shade sail storage bag .


Pack contents


Your pack contains :

  • The 3 shade sails (delivered with 1 stainless steel snap hook at each angle for a fast installation/disassembly).
  • 5 standard long wall fixtures (including the stainless steel pulleys, the nautical ropes, the snap hooks, the pegs, the threaded rods, and the eye bolts)
  • 2 adjustable poles with standard tension systems (nautical rope + stainless steel pulley), their adjusting slider and their base (to be screwed or sealed or with mural base plates).
  • 2 additional standard tension system for poles, 1 additional slide, and 1 cleat (to independently adjust the 2 sails on the same pole)
  • 1 installation guide




  • The 3 shade sails.
  • 7 standard long fixtures for walls
  • 1 adjustable pole with its standard tension system and its adjusting slide
  • 1 additional standard tension system for poles, 1 additional slide, and 1 cleat (to independently adjust the 2 sails on the same pole)
  • 1 installation guide

*** In the case of an installation of mural fixtures on wood, the pegs and threaded rods will be replaced by stainless steel u-shaped fixtures and screws.

Installation :

This diagram gives an estimation of the minimum necessary space for the installation of the different fixture points of the 3 triangle sails pack. These measurements can vary according to :

  • your environment
  • the real shade sail dimensions under tension that can be up to 3% larger than the given ones, because of the fabric stretch, the fabrication processes, and the more or less important tension given to the shade sail.


Schéma pack 3 voiles triangles

The fixture points must always be situated in the continuation of the sail medians with a 40 cm minimum tension margin for the poles and mural fixtures.



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Très bien emballé, description correspondante à celle annoncée, emballage éco-responsable, bref un sans faute.. bravo.
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