How to secure a shroud in soft ground ?


Install an Espace Ombrage shrouded pole


Here is our representation of the installation of a shroud on soft ground and the secure version ensuring increased stability (the greater the concrete slab surface, the greater the stability) :


Note that for the great majority of installations the classic method suffices. The screwable anchor for soft ground functions in a similar manner as a large bottle opener that anchors to the ground and stabilizes the installation.


However for large sails or for multi sail installations we recommend the adjustable poles.


Schéma Espace Ombrage


Mat haubané espace ombrage



Why secure the installation of your shade sail

If we communicate a lot about this aspect of securing your shading installations, it is because we are convinced that a good installation is a sign of the durability of your installation since our products are guaranteed in terms of solidity. Thus, a sail whose bindings are not well made can not be optimized. 

In this example of the mast, the stay is here to consolidate the mast and ensure better traction and therefore tension of the sail. Indeed, if it was to move at the slightest gust of wind, it would lose the strength and capabilities of our sails facing the outside elements. 

In order to consolidate your masts, we also offer gussets that are compatible with screw and seal bases.