What is the reinforcing cable option ? 



The reinforcing cable option is made for installations that have a surface over 25m² and are highly exposed to wind. It is then possible, thanks to this option, to obtain a perfect tension on big sails. 



schéma voile enrouleur



The peripheric reinforcing strap, usually present on the sails, is replaced by a stainless steel cable (4mm diameter). Not only does this solution add more resistance, it also allows you to adjust the cable's tension thanks to two cable-clamps. 

The adjustment of the tension to apply to the sail in order to obtain a tightened sail can be made through two ways :

- With the tension system between the ring of the sail's corner and the fixture point (wall or pole). 

- With the cable-clamps, allowing you to adjust the length of the cable circling the sail. 

Rules of tension:

You note that the sides of the sail are tightened, but curved, and that the sail form a pouch.

Solution: for the sail to be more plane, the length of the cable circling the sail must be shortened.

You note that the sails is tightened in the middle, but a fold is created in the diagonals (or medians), and at the same time the sides aren't tightened. 

Solution: The cable's length must bu shortened thanks to the cable-clambs. 

You note that the sides of the sail are tightened in a straight line between fixture points, and that the sailsform a pouch. 

Solution: You need to extend the length of the cable circling the sail, then tighten the sail on the fixture points (wall of poles). Then, apply rule n°1.

The set up is made progressively, following the aspect of the sail after each adjustment, in order to finally obtain a tightened sail.