Sails types


How can I choose between a perforated shade sale and a water reppelant shade sail ?

-          If you wish to protect yourself from the sun, for exemple to eat or relax, a perforated shade sail will be the best choice. It will protect you efficiently against UVs, and has a very good wind resistance. Thin rain will be stopped by the sail, but the water will filtrate under the sail.

-          If you wish to protect yourself from the sun and the rain, a water reppelant shade sail will be the best choice. It will offer a better protection against the rain than the perforated shade sail, but it will also have more wind surface. It is, thus, better to avoid using such sails in windy aeras. 

Tip : To avoid having too much wind surface, use several "little" shade sails rather than a big one.


Which atmosphere under the shade sail according to the colour ?

If you wish to create a warm atmosphere, you should pick colours like orange, red or purple tones.

If your want to create a "fresh" atmosphere, colours like blue or green tones would be likely to suit your projet. 

Taupe, Camel or Grey tones are neutral colour that will easily adapt to all environments. 

You can also mix them with the colours of your environment to create different atmospheres.

Which colours better filtrate heat and brightness ?

Dark colours have the best filtrating effect on heat and brightness. They are recommanded if you wish to reduce the blinding effect of the sun. 

Light colours are more adapted to less sunny regions, where they will brighten your environment.