Shade sails prices can start at less than € 50 to reach more than € 1,000 for custom models. The dimensions, the shape, the finishes but also the type of fabric of the sail will influence the prices.

The first price shade sails

You can find shade sails for less than 50 € (mainly in supermarkets or discounters). This very low tariff mainly concerns more fragile fabrics: they will not withstand the pressure and may tear in front of the wind the manufacturing method is more like a traditional textile manufacturing without taking into account the technical specificities related to the manufacture of shade sail.

These sails are not intended for regular use, but more for exceptional occasions: for example, if you only take out your veil for parties, very punctually.

They remain an option only if you do not plan to use your shade sail on a daily basis. Otherwise, you will make better your investment by moving to a slightly higher range that you will find from specialists.

Criteria that affect the price of a good quality shade sail

Without necessarily targeting the high end, the average price of a shade sail is between 100 and 300 € for smaller models (about 5 m²). Different notions must be taken into account in the calculation:

• The shape of the shade sail: a triangular sail will be more economical than a square sail (there is less fabric)

• Dimensions: the larger the area to cover, the higher the price

• The weight of the fabric: below 200 g / m², the sail will be fragile

• Treatment: Stain-resistant or rot-resistant shade sail will require less maintenance

• Reinforced corners and edges, for more durability of the sail

• Waterproofness, which will allow you to stay under your sail in rainy weather

• The level of UV filtration and wind resistance.

Thus, the Australe 220 shade sail  is available from 58,82 € for a surface of 4,8 m². It is high density polyethylene 220g / m², withstands winds of 80km / h while filtering 90% of UV.

As for the shade sail Acryl 300 finishing Old Rigging , it is available from 330 € for 5 m². It filters 97% of UV, its fabric is water repellent and it resists winds of 60 km / h.

Options to count in the price

A shade sail is usually provided without a fastening system. You will need fixing systems and possibly adjustable masts, depending on the desired layout and environment.

You will also find shade sails that offer a winding sail (practical in case of wind): the presence of a winder can increase the price of 300 to nearly € 800 for a sail of 5 m². This is the case, for example, with the Acryl 300 Old Rigging sail with roller . It is a finish that in the case of frequent use can modulate the use depending on the sun and your presence.

Customization, finally, whether in terms of choice of colors or shapes, can push up the bill. You will find triangular, square, rectangular, hexagonal and trapezoidal sails.

Espace Umbrage offers you to make your  custom shade sail with a configurator. This one already offers you many different forms, to adapt according to your desires. Their prices are significantly higher because these models are no longer standard On the other hand the use of a customized product guarantees you a perfect adaptability of the sail to your space to cover.

In the prices you will study, also consider taking into account the delivery time, as well as the warranty. Far from being points of detail, these notions can transform your experience in the long term. At Espace Umbrage, we expect a delivery in three to four business days for some of our models or two weeks for tailor-made sails and our fabrics are guaranteed from 2 to 5 years depending on the quality of the fabrics.

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