The right size of your shade sail will depend on the ground surface you want to shade, but also on the shape of the sail you will install. The concept of tension is very important for the sail to remain effective throughout the season, and this tension will be more difficult to obtain with too much sail. Prefer to install possibly several sails to cover a large surface rather than a single mainsail which with the use will pose problems of resistance in the weather and to the bad weather

What is the average size of the shade sails?

Many shade sails are proposed with minimum dimensions of 5 m². The standard sizes for triangular sails are 3 x 4 x 5 m (as is the case for the Australe shade sail 220 ).

You will then find many sizes available, and sails up to 20 or 30 m², most often with square formats (such as the  Acryl 300 sail of 25 m² for example).

Be aware that some measures should not be exceeded, for security reasons:

• The largest side of a sail must not be more than 7.5 m long,

• A water-repellent sail can not be larger than 20 to 25 m².

This does not prevent you from superimposing several sails on the same space, as much for an aesthetic effect as to increase the covered area.

What size for a shade sail?

How to calculate the size needed for a shade sail?

Your shade sail will have to adapt to the surface you want to cover.

The dimensions of the sides are as much to take into account as the total surface of the shade sail: this is what will also allow you to predict the locations of the fixing poles .

For example, it is useless to hope to install a mainsail on a small terrace. If it is only 3m deep, your sail can not exceed this size. You will also need an additional 45 cm between the corner of the sail and the mast. This distance will allow you to work on the tension and to stretch the canvas a little so that it is more resistant to wind and rain.

This is why it is preferable to opt for a shade sail slightly smaller. A sail too large can not be stretched properly and its longevity will be greatly degraded.

What form of shade sail for maximum hiding effect?

If your goal is to search for maximum shade, you can opt for square or rectangular shade sails. With the same total sail area, you will feel that more space will be protected from the sun.

How to shade the big spaces?

The technical limitations of the shade sails do not allow to realize, even to measure, oversized canvases.

By cons, it is quite possible to multiply the sails, and even their orientation, for optimal protection at any time of the day. Just consider the fact that there will always be a day between two sails placed next to each other.

If you are still unsure, know that Espace Umbrage has developed a unique and exclusive software thanks to its years of experience and professionalism. This software allowing to create the project and to be able to  visualize it in 3D or to pass by a professional will allow you to make realize simulations, and thus to determine which size of shade sail will be installed in the best space in your space . For more information, contact one of our specialists for a  free quote or check out our FAQ .

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