Size of a shade sail

Which size do I have to choose ? 


Distances between A, B, C and D refer to your shade sail's dimensions, not to be confused with the dimensions between fixtures on the walls and the poles. 

distance voile ombrage

It is important to keep enough space to tighten the shade sail : it is better to have a shade sail a little smaller than what was expected, and not having a bigger sail, as you won't be able to tighten it. We recommend 45cm minimum on each corner, following the tension axis. 



Shade sails' tension axis 

axe tension voile d ombrage

This notion is also important because the shade sail will loosen a bit during its first use, before iot takes its final form. 


Some technical constraints have to be respected :

  • Perforated shade sails' superficie must not exceed 30m²
  • Water reppelent shade sails' superficie must not exceed 20/25m2 
  • Shade sails' sides cannot exceed 7,50m.