The perfect shading sail exists for your projet. But you will need to determine its specificities: its shape, its fixing points ... By taking care of those elements, one buy one, we will find the best sail to answer your needs. 

Which shading sail shape exist ? 

A shading sail can take different shape: 

- A triangular sail (3 sides): This design will be the best to add a modern touch to your house, however, this shape will have a low shading power, you might need to several sail to a good shading.

- A square, a rectangular or a trapezoidal sail (4 sides): those sails will occur a bigger surface. This format will by mainly use in function of the available space but these sails will need more fixation points. 

Wich size exists for our shading sail? 

The biggest are often square or rectangular, they can reach 20,00m2 to 30,00m2 (maximum 25,00m2 for a waterproof sail: Acryl). This size can't be exceeded otherwise, the wind load will be too important for the sail. For this reason, the longest side of a sail cannot be longer than 7,50m. 

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How to choose the sail fabric ? 

For a shading sail, you will also need a specific fabric which can resist, at the same time, to wind, and some time to rain. The fabric colors also need to resist to those meteorological conditions. 

You will principally choose between to fabrics: 

Polyethylene sails, micro perforated, to let the air pass through. Those sails can resist to stronger wind and make the air stand less still under their shade. 

Acryl sails, water-repellent, are impermeable but also opaquer. The wind goes through les so it's not recommended to install them a windy region. Also, you will need to be more careful about the fixation height and the rope tension to avoid water accumulation is case of rain. 

Which are the existing treatments for shading sale ? 

Shading sail fabrics are treated against most of the spots, they are rot-proof and unalterable. This will allow the sail to be more durable. 

The impermeability of an acryl sail is warranty at the same time by their specific material and by their treatment that can be done again at home with our waterproofing product

Practical or aesthetic aspects, such as the presence of attachment legs or finishes from the nautical world, as the Acryl 300 Ringgings roller, complete te option offered. 

How to fasten your shading sail? 

A shading sail can be attached: 

- To a wall or to an existing fixed surface, using fasteners in order to guarantee the stability of the sail. 

- On a mast, which will be either placed in the ground and sealed on the ground, or held together by bases screwed into a concrete slab or a wooden deck. Depending on the surface area of the sail or sails, the mast shall be reinforced by a brace or brace. 

The two systems can be complementary. It is possible to attach part of the sail on a wall, and the rest on masts. (which is often the case for triangular sails, in particular). 

Which options exist for a shading sail ? 

A shading sail is mostly used during summer, to hide from the sun and the heat. During winter, it will be necessary to bring it inside and store it. However, you might need fold it up during summer for safety reasons, particularly if a storm is coming or if you are leaving for a few days. 

This means that you will need to have systems to make the task quicker. 

- You can use pulleys and carabiners

- You can plan at start to use a shading sail with retracto, this device will allow ou to fold your sail within one minute. 

You will also need to module the height of your sails to optimize your shading in function of the sun trajectory. Sliding fixations point for masts are the best option to help you in this task. 

What price for a shading sail ? 

The average price is around 100€ and 300€ for the smaller models. The prices will change in function of the shading sail size and the options such as the fabric quality. 

- An Austral 220, with its fabric in polyethylene, is available at a starting price of 50€ for a 4,80m2 size. 

- From the same size, you find the Acryl 300, with its water-repellent fabric at 285€.

- With it retractor, the Acryl 300 roller propose at a price of 795€ for a m2 size. 

In the case of a first installation, the amount of attachments, or even additional masts, will have to be added to these sums. Note, however, that the same mas can be used to hang several shade sails, either to multiply the covered surfaces or for an aesthetic choice. 

If the standard shade sails do not meet your criteria, in particular in terms of sizes or shapes, it is also possible to have our services make a custom shade sail, with or without reel.