Shade sails for terraces and garden

Espace Ombrage offers 6 ranges of shade sails for your projetc, in order to adapt to your needs and environment :


Perforated shade sails


voile d'ombrage ajourée


Perforated shade sails will offer an efficient UV protection and wind protection thanks to their "aerated" fabric.

Those sails will be your best option for windy environments such as seashores. 

Made to be installed all summer long, our perforated sails will shade your garden, terrace or swimming pool.



Australe 220 shade sails  

 voile d'ombrage tout temps

Thanks to its perforated fabric, the Australe 220 shade sail will provide a 80km/h wind resistance along with a 90% UV filtration. 

Convenient for daily use thanks to its stainless steel snap hook on every corner, which allow you to assemble and disassemble your sail quickly :

Enjoy a pleasant atmosphere at a small price.





Australe 340 shade sail 


voile d'ombrage optimum ajourée

The Australe 340 shade sail is adapted to windy environments.

It guarantees excellent solidity and colour resistance to mechanical and weather agressions. 

With a 10-year guaranteed fabric, enjoy a flexible durability and a 97% UV filtration. 










Water repellent shade sails 


Water reppelent shade sails offer sun and rain protections than to their hydrophobic fabric : your best option to shade a terrace and enjoy your outdoors without any concerns. 

voile d'ombrage imperméable

Discover our 2 ranges of water repellent shade sails :

  • Acryl 300 shade sails : Acrylic shade sails, 300g/m² 
  • Acryl 300 Old Riggings shade sails : Same as Acryl 300, with naval field finishes. 






Acryl 300 shade sail 

 voile d'ombrage luxe

The Acryl 300 shade sail will offer you a double protection : 

  • Sun protection, with a 97% UV filtration. 
  • Rain protection, with a water repellent fabric, garanteed 5 years. 


It posess the same features as a tarp, while keeping the aspect of a 100% acrylic fabric. 


Roller shade sails



voile d'ombrage à enrouleur

The roller option is available on our Australe 340, Acryl 300 and Acryl 300 Old Riggings sails.

It is a perfect choice for very windy environments, thanks to the rolling system that allows you to retract and deploy the sail in less than a minute. Very easy to use. 

The cutout of the sail comes from the manufacturing technology of the boat sails, which ensure an excellent resistance to traction. 



Discover also : 

  • Every fixtures needed for a succesful installation !Toutes les fixations pour une installation réussie !
  • A realisations' album : You will find there some of our acheived projects, on which you might find inspiration for decorating your outdoors. 
  • Multi-sail packs 


pack multivoile d'ombrage

The multi-sail packs  are made of standard configurations to help you in your choice. 

They contain several shade sails entangled for a design and original installation. 

Those packs will allow you to install your shade sails in your garden or on your terrace easily and quickly. 

An innovative solution in order to deeorate your outdoors. 



With the graphic creation of your installaion project, We provide you with advice and guidance in order to acheive your project.