Setting up an Espace Ombrage shade sail


After deciding which type of shade sails and fixing accessories you're going to use, an analysis of your environment is needed in order to install a shade sail in the best way possible. This step will ensure that the shade sail is tightned enough, and thus more resistant and aesthetic. Espace Ombrage' shade sails are easy to use, although some technical aspects are to be taken into account. 


Wall fixtures :

Tendeur inox pour toile d'ombrageIf you choose wall fixtures, you will just have to add 10% of the shade sail's length (with a minimum of 35cm) on each corner in order to apply a good tension. 


For exemple, if you choose a rectangle with a length of 3,5m, you need to apply 35cm for the tension accessories (3,5m*10% = 35cm / angle).


Please note : tensions must laways be in the extension of the diagonals of the sail (or in the median's if the sail is a triangle) :



 corde nautique et poulies inoxThe short wall fixtures (with stainless steel tensioners) can grant you up to 35cm of tension.


For a tension's length higher than 35cm, you will have to go for a long wall fixture (system with rot-proof black rope, stainless steel pulleys with tackle, which allows you to have up to 2,50m of tension lenght).


Please note : for safety precautions, it is best not to install  a fixing accessory on a wall's edge. A gap of 10cm minimum before reaching the edge is recommanded. 




cheville + tige filetee + ecrou à oeil

pontet inox avec 4 vis (pour les murs en bois)

If you wish to fix your shade sail on a wooden wall, it is mandatory to install the fixing accessory on a structure's element, and not a simple cladding. It is also mandatory to choose the right fixture.

The eye bolt and the expendable peg usually used in order to install the fixture will be replaced by a stainless steel u-shaped holding fixture and screws. 


Poles :



Toile d'ombrage avec 2 fixations murales et 2 mâts haubanés The cable -stayed poles position themselves with an angle of 75° against the ground. In order to do that, you have to position them at 40cm away from the interior side of the shade sail. The shade sail est hooked directly on the ring at the top of the pole, thanks to a stainless steel snap hook.
The tension is then made thanks to the shroud: to position the foothold, take 1,5m to 2m more, in the extension of the shade sail's diagonals. Don't hesistate to position the foothold a little further than what was previously said in order to increase its efficiency, especially if your sail has laarge dimensions. If you set two sails on the same polen you can use two shrouds on that same pole to ensure a better solidity. 

To ste the foothold, a soft soil will be the best alternative . You can also trade that foothold for a threaded rod, sealed in the concrete. If you wish to hare more robustness, you can also insert chemical pegs (non provided).




 Toile d'ombrage sur mâts réglables The adjustable poles can be set up with different methods :


  • Base to be screwed : Recommanded if you already have an existing terrace (concrete, wooden), and you wish to screw the pole upon it. In this case, you will need four threaded rods (and use chemical sealing), and 4 bolts to screw the pole base. A steel tube soldered on the base will support the pole than slips into it. The pole can be set vertically (90° base), or inclined (75° base), to add a different aesthetic according to your need. 


  • Base to be sealed : In this case, you need to create a concrete pedestral (40cm section and 60cm depth) in which the sheath has to be put. Then, a steel tube slips into the sheath, and the pole slips into the tube. The pole and the tubes are still removable whenever you want. a top is delivered with the pole to plug the sheath's hole whenever you remove the pole. 


  • Wall baseplates : 3 baseplates are delivered with the pole. they have to be fixed on the walls, and the pole will be held by those baseplates. In order to set those baseplates, you will need threaded rods and bolts. 


In those three versions, the pole is shiiped with : 

  • Its slide, which allow you to change the height of your sail, and the inclination of your shade sail whenever you want, to create shades where you want them to be. 
  • Its tension system which is set up between the pole and the sail. (containing rope, pulleys and snap hook). The tension length must be of 40cm minimum, and can go up to 2,50m maximum


You can also add a second slide and a second tension system on the pole, and adjust 2 shade sails on the same pole.


installations mât réglable



In order to have every information to be successful in your installation, you can watch this video, representing an installation of a standard shade sail on a terrace.