Quality & Design of the shade sails 


Durable shade sails' accessories 


Accessoire pour voiles d'ombrage permettant de créer de l'ombre tout en gardant design et esthétique

Résistance et qualité des accroches des voiles d'ombrage, toiles solaires espace-ombrage

 Espace Ombrage only uses products made of strong and design materials for its fixtures, such as stainless steel, anodised aluminium or  galvanized steel. Those nearly immutable materials ensure a robust and design installation.


 Fixing accessories are made of stainless steel, and a durable in time, without showing any signs of aging. 


Des accessoires de qualité et esthétiques pour des voiles d'ombrage, toile solaire design

 Those accessories come from the nautical field : they don't rust, even when exposed to see breeze, and are capable of resisting huge  tensions. 


The rope used on our poles can withstand a traction of 1000kg. It is also rot-proof. 


Qualitatvie fabrics and fine workmanship for Espace Ombrage' sails

 Accessoire pour voiles d'ombrage permettant de créer de l'ombre tout en gardant design et esthétique


Wether it is the finish or the fabrics, we provide top-quality and elegant sails.


The shade sails is reinforced in its lines by straps which can withstand a traction of 1500kg.


Shade sails' components are selected for the quality, they robustness and their high resistance to climatic variations. Our shade sails meet the same requirements than those of the nautical industry, and those of blind's manufacturing



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 Perforated shade sails ensure a good resistance to strong winds (up to 80km/h). They are ideal for seashores installations.

 Water repellent shade sails protect you not only from the sun, but also from the rain, dew and moisture. 

 The 100% acrylic fabric (300g/m²) of the Acryl 300 rang gives a nice and qualitative render to it. Espace Ombrage work the finish in  details for every shade sail. 


In order to give you an idea, discover the Espace Ombrage shade sails in the video below :



Shape is a major aspect in the manufacturing process of the shade sail at Espace Ombrage. Thus, we offer you a large choice of shapes : triangles, rectangles, squares, trapezes and eve, hexagons. 

The shape of the shade sail is thoroughly studied in order to let it create a good tension, once it is installed, without folds. This excellent technique comes from the boat sails manufacturing processes. 

Voile d'ombrage: protection soleil et pluie. Toile tendue apportant ombre sur terrasse et jardin