How to maintain my sail ?


A good maintenance of your shade sail will increase its longevity. 


All our advice for the maintenance of your installation 


When to remove the shade sail ?


Shade sails can remain installed for the majority of the year. It is recommended to remove them :

  • - In case of strong winds (+ 60km/h)
  • - During the winter to avoid all deterioration risks (weight of snow on the sail, ice, continuous bad weather…)
  • - When you will be away for a relatively long period of time (such as leaving on holiday…)

How to clean my sail ?


Our sails are treated against dirt. The canvases also resist to grease and pollution.

For frequent cleaning, it is recommended to dust the sail by aspiration, air insufflation, or with a soft brush to eliminate all surface particles.

To remove finger or grease stains use soap and lukewarm water.

To eliminate watery stains, absorb and rub with humid cloth.

  • - Do not store your sail if it is humid.
  • - Never use detergents or chemical products.
  • - Do not put your sail in a washing machine.


If you wish for a an in-depth cleaning there exists adapted products such as our shade sail cleaner.