How to choose my fixtures ?


The different shade sail fixtures 


There exists multiple shade sail installation

They can be : 

    • - Tightened between 2, 3, or 4 walls. This solution implies piercing holes in each supporting wall in order to insert the threaded rods with eyelet on which the sail will attach with snap hooks.

    • - Against a wall one one side and a pole(s) on the other. This solution is very often used to shade a patio in a backyard for example.

    • - In “free” implantation, without walls. We will solely use poles to tighten the shade. This solution allows to position the shade where we desire.


When you determine the type of installation that suits you can choose the wall fixtures or poles most adapted to your environment.


When installing a water repellant shade sail, it is necessary to create an incline of 20% minimum between the shade sail fixture points to allow the rain water to evacuate. Otherwise, a water pouch can form and damage the shade with its weight.