How to choose my fixtures ?


The various fixings for shade sail 

There are several types of fasteners for shade sails.

Poles and their accessories

The masts are the ideal solution if you want to fix a shade sail efficiently and you have no wall nearby. Made of aluminum with a height of 260cm, our masts are a guarantee of resistance and practicality in everyday life. Thanks to a system of rail and slide, you will be able to manage the height of your sail to maximize the shaded space. 

At Espace Umbrage, we offer you three types of poles: to seal, to screw or to fix on a wall using wall plates. The masts to be screwed and sealed can be installed vertically or inclined at 75°.  

In case you have several sails to fix on the same mast, we recommend you to install: 

For a mast to seal: 

- Before 18m2, a tube of 120cm is sufficient. 

- From 18m2 to 28m2, it will be necessary to put a tube of 260cm. 

- Beyond 28m2, you will need a 260cm reinforcing tube but also a gusset or a brace in addition. 

For a mast to screw: A shroud or gussets for reinforcement from 18m2 sail. 

If you want to fix a second sail on the mast, you will need to add a tension system as well as a slide to manage the sail independently. 

Wall fixings

The wall fixings are the easiest fixture for securing a shade sail when you have walls (concrete, stones, bricks or wood). They allow you to customize the installation and create an optimization with respect to the environment. 

Here are our tips for choosing them well : 

If you do not have fixing points, you will need long wall fasteners. 

- The standard long wall fixings thats includes: 

A standard tension system + a wall hook (concrete, stone, brick or wood)

The fastener is only used for the Austral sail 220.

- The reinforced long wall fixings that includes: 

A reinforced tension system + a wall hook (concrete, stone, brick or wood)

It is used for the Australe 340, Acryl 300 and Acryl 300 old Riggings. 

- There is also a short fixation : 

The adjustable stainless steel tightener comes with: 

1 expandable peg + 1 eye bolt for the concrete version. 

It is used mainly for sails with roller. 

If you have hooks, you will simply need tension systems. 

- Long standard for an Austral 220. 

- Long reinforced for the sails Australe 340, Acryl 300 and Acryl 300 Old rigging. 

In the case of a roller you will need; 

In the axis of the roller : a short fixation and a reinforced long tension system. 

One or two standard tension systems for the other sides (one will be enough for a three-sided sail, for a quadrilateral sail two will be required). 


NB: If you install a water-repellent sail, it is necessary to create a slope of at least 20% between the attachment points of the sail to allow the flow of rainwater. In the opposite case, a water pocket can be created and damage the sail by its weight.