What type of canvas to choose?


We have two large large sail varieties :


The perforated variety :


SIf you wish to protect yourself from the sun to eat outdoors or relax in the shade, we suggest a perforated shade sail. It will effectively protect from UVs and has a very strong wind resistance. It will protect from light rains but after a certain point rain will filter through.


The water repellant variety :


If you wish to protect yourself from the sun and from the rain a water repellent shade sail is more adapted. Water repellent shade sails protect from the rain with their hydrophobic fabric but catch the wind more than perforated sails and should be avoided in windy environments. With certain colours, it is possible for light white traces to appear when manipulating the sail. These traces disappear by cleaning with a clean and humid cloth.


The roller option:


The roller option (available for the Australe 340 and Acryl 300 fabrics) is for permanent installations. It is ideal for environments with strong winds with its roller system that allows to retract and deploy it in 1 minute..


Astuce : Pour limiter la prise au vent, installez plusieurs voiles de « petites surfaces » plutôt qu’une grande voile.

Tip: To reduce wind catch, install multiple small surface sails instead of one large one. To know the differences between the shade sail varieties, please consult this comparing table:


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