What shade sail colours to choose ?


How to choose the shade sail colours ?


What atmosphere under the sail depending on the colour ?


If you wish to create a cozy atmosphere opt for orange, red, or purple tones.


For a “fresh” atmosphere green and blue tones are more adapted.


Taupe, grey or beige are more neutral tones that adapt to all environments.


You can also play with the colour of your wall or shutters to create different atmospheres.


The multisail packs including 2 or 3 sails allow you to choose the tones you wish and avoid compromise!



What colour filters heat and light the best ?


Dark colours filter heat and light better. They are recommended if you wish to reduce the blinding sensation due to the sun.


Very light tones such as white, ivory, or ebony are more adapted to regions with less sunlight where they will revive and make environments more gay.