What size and type of sail to choose ?


How to choose the size of one’s shade sail ? 



What shade sail shape is more adapted for me ?


Generally, square, rectangular, and trapeze shapes optimize the shade surface whereas triangular shapes give a more design aspect to your installation.


However this depends on the configuration of your environment. I you wish to obtain advice on the choice of your sail(s), you can request a 3D simulation of your project.

What size should I choose ?


The secret is to reserve enough space to tighten the sail: it is preferable to have a sightly small sail rather than a overly large one that you will not be able to tighten correctly and that will form a pouch.


This is all the more important because shade sails loosen over time.

We recommend consulting our installation advice to know what tension margin to reserve depending on the fixtures.

Other important point: each side of a shade sail is slightly curved in order to facilitate tightening and avoid creases. If you put two shade sails next to each other there will be daylight between them.


In the case of a custom shade sail, a few technical constraints must be respected :


If a sail is not sufficient to cover the desired surface, it is always better to add a second or third sail instead of created a larger sail that will catch the wind and be difficult to tighten.


This solution permits the creation of colour and shade effects by overlapping sails. An aesthetic/efficiency optimization! See our multisail packs.