How to install a shade sail?


Our products are studied to be simple of installation and do not need to call on a professional for their installation. For this we have developed a series of very specific notes that you will find with your products. We also took care to make several video editing tutorials that you will find on our YouTube channel: Espace Ombrage Channel .


Just note that, depending on the type of fastener you choose, you may need:

  • - A screwdriver to fix the jumpers in a wooden wall
  • - A hammer drill to insert the threaded rods into a concrete wall or into your floor.
  • - Ready-mixed concrete to create a mast for the adjustable mast to seal.

The steps of installing a shade sail

Once you have received your package, you can proceed with the installation of your shade sail. The first step is to set up the bindings. Take the time to make sure that you place them in the right place in relation to our quotes or by contributing to the information you sent us when you started the project. 

Once the bindings are put in place according to our recommendations, you can start preparing the sail and fix it and stretch it. In the case of roller sails, you can check our YouTube videos to see the whole procedure. 


Umbrage Space Tip 


Take quick-set concrete to complete your installation in the same day .