How to hang my poles on a wall ?


What if it is impossible to fix a pole with a floor base? ?


For this type of situation we have two possibilities to attach the adjustable poles on your walls :

  • - Version 1 : This version provides a pole covering the 2,70m tube that ensures good resistance.
  • - Version 2 : This version provides a pole covering the entire 2,70m reinforced tube that ensures a very good resistance.


Illustration of these two versions :


/Important: To be able to implement the poles as illustrated below, the wall must be 80cm minimum. .


Version 1 :

Fixations mât

In the first configuration, there is an installation in which a hole is made in the reinforced tube which allows to directly fix the mast to the wall with a threaded rod and a clamping nut. This technique can be used as part of a deck and / or if you do not want to lose the height of your mast. The wedge here ensures optimal clamping between the mast and the wall. Without this, there could be play due to the edge of the ledge. 

In the second configuration, it is an installation with wall plates. This installation is simpler to put in place and allows an optimal resistance thanks to a double anchoring in the wall. 

 Version 2 :

Fixations mât collé

This adjustable mast installation configuration on a wall is simpler since the wall is straight. In the first configuration, the reinforcing tube was pierced to create an anchoring system based on a threaded rod and a clamping nut. This type of attachment makes it possible not to take height on the mast and thus maximize the shading area. 

In the following two configurations, there are wall plates that were used to fix the mast to the wall. The installation is simple since the wall plates are directly adaptable to the walls. After making a hole in the wall, it will fix the threaded rod to the wall plate and secure all through a chemical seal, the clamping nut to finalize the installation and to ensure optimal resistance to voltage created by sailing.