The shade sail has many advantages:


  • - The life of a shade sail is generally much longer. At our customers, shade sails are used between 8 and 10 years depending on their use and location. To maximize the life of your shade sail, we recommend that you maintain it properly, wash it with water and a soft brush and do not put it in conditions that will not not in use (high winds, heavy rain, winter, ...)
  • - The shade sail withstands the wind better and does not damage your furniture or pool during strong winds (the tension applied on the sail prevents any beating and makes it very stable). The sails of the Austral range are resistant to winds of up to 80km / h and those of the Acryl range up to 60km / h because of the water resistance that makes it waterproof.
  • - It offers a much larger shade area and fully adjustable if you opt for a shade sail with adjustable masts. Indeed, the slides can change the height of the sail, which optimizes the shadow relative to the position of the sun. 
  • - Does not have a pole at its center which allows to have a feeling of more covered space. This allows a better habitability and a much more simplified use. In addition, a shade sail is much easier to remove from an umbrella with our optimized tension and retractor systems. 
  • - Thanks to its aerodynamic shapes, the design of the shade sail is unique and gives a modern and trendy style to your outdoor spaces. Available in different colors, this gives a unique style to your installation. 
  • - There are many formats for a multitude of different implantations, whether standard size or custom. At Espace Shading, we put a point forward on the customization of our sails.
  • - Possibility to adjust the height of the sail according to the position of the sun thanks to the adjustable masts to optimize the shading space.



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