This pole is the version number 1 sold on the website before April 2020.There is now a version 2 of this pole.

If you are searching for a material solution combining quality, flexibility, and design to tighten your shade sail, this Version 1 of the adjustable pole is made for you! it can be fixed into the ground or to a wall, which leaves a large array of configuration possibilities for an ideally protected patio. With its slide, you will be able to adjust the position of the protective canvas according to the sun and the incline of its rays in order to maximize the shade sail benefit.

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Pole color
  • Aluminium
  • Anthracite Powder Coated RAL 7016
Tension system
Base type

Shipment time : 72h
Estimate 20/01/2021

This anodised aluminum pole ((V1) guarantees a resistant and design installation.


Its slide allows you to set the incline of your sail according to the course of the sun, to create shade all day long. 


On the practical side, it is removable : remove it easily in winter and slip it into its base in the spring !

The tension system with ropes + pulleys is included

Technical characteristics :

Height : 2,60 m
Pole material : 3mm thick anodic oxidation treated 25 microns aluminum (resists to saline environments).

Base material :

  • To be screwed base: Galvanized steel core

Diameter : 10 x 7 cm (oval)
Weight : 14 to 20 kg depending on the base.
Guarantee : 2 years

Made in France Fabriqué en France






Tension system : The “reinforced” tension system (for Australe 340 and Acryl 300) contains 2 double pulleys versus 2 simple pulleys for the “standard” version. The double pulleys can host an additional rope loop between the sail and pole: this facilitates the tension of the sail and makes the installation more resistant.

Bases :

          embase à visser    

To be screwed

for hard surfaces such as concrete slabs or wooden patios

2 versions: vertical or inclined.

(Length of the tube: 50 cm)



Included accessories :


  • Slide to adjust the height of the shade sail and its incline. The slide is inserted in the pole “track” that runs from the base to the top of the pole. The shade sail is thus adjustable on the entirety of the 2m60 of the pole.


The Cleat allows a neat arrangement of the excess rope.

Taquet sur mât

  Sheath cap (exclusively for the sealed base) that will close the hole in the ground when you remove the pole.


bouchon pour fourreau

A pole that adapts to your needs with different installations :


With the screw version : the pole is delivered with a 22cm diameter galvanized steel round base with a 12cm space between each hole. A 50cm high tube welded onto the base serves as a support for the pole. This tube can be straight (90º base) or inclined (75º base) to give a dynamic aspect to your installation. Careful, in the case of 2 sails tied to the same pole, we recommend choosing a 90º base to respect the tension axis of the 2 sails.

poteau pour voile avec embase à visser, droit ou incliné

Resistant and design :


In anodised aluminum of 3mm thickness, the adjustable pole guarantees a durable, resistant, and aesthetic installation.
The tension system, composed of rot-resistant ropes and stainless steel pulleys is directly inspired of the marine world: it ensures an excellent traction resistance and gives a “nautical” aspect to your installation.

Système de tension avec poulies en inox

The provided rope allows for an up to 2m50 space between the pole and the sail.

Practical for day-to-day use :

The pole contains a slide mounted on tracks to adjust the sail height and incline. You can adjust the sail height to the sun throughout the day. Enjoy shade all day !

The cleat allows a neat arrangement of the excess rope.

Removable : remove it easily during the winter and slide it into its base when the sunny days are back! The pole is removable.