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Mât Inox Brossé

541,67 € tax excl.
Tension system of the mast

Shipment time : 3 Weeks
Estimate 27/04/2020

This mast in brushed stainless steel  with strut guarantees a durable installation and design.


On the practical side, it is possible to adjust the height of attachment and thus the inclination of the shade sail to bring effective shade whatever the time of the day.

Tension system with rope + pulleys  included

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MASTmatte stainless steel for sail shading

This mast for shade sail entirely in brushed stainless steel allows you to attach a shade sail in a very simple and elegant way. Its main leg plays a role of integrated stay and brings a considerable advantage in terms of resistance. All is fixed to the ground via a base that is reminiscent of a boat porthole, also integrated into the mast. This is a base for hard floor type concrete slab. 

Height  : 3 m 
Diameter : 60 mm 
Material  : Brushed stainless steel 
Inclination  : 10 ° 
Base  : Platinum 450 x 250 mm with 6 holes.  
Adjustable  fastening: Yes, 7-position adjustable fastening 
Particularity  : An 8 mm diameter strut allows this stainless steel mast to withstand a significant amount of tracion effort. 


The mast comes with a tension system that will allow you to hang a shade sail on it. This system is very easy to implement and allows a tension distance ranging from 30 to 250 cm for the simple version as for the reinforced version. 

The "reinforced" tension system contains 2 double pulleys against 2 single pulleys for the "standard" version. The double pulleys make it possible to insert a round-trip of rope in addition between the sail and the mast: this facilitates the tension of the sail and makes the installation more resistant. Only "reinforced" tensioning systems are suitable for Australe 340 and Acryl 300 sail .