Adjustable wall fixture

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Adjustable wall fixture


The adjustable wall fixture allows you to simply change the height of your sail.

This fixture is directly inspired from our adjustable aluminum pole with a precise design.


Length of the rail: 150 cm

The adjustable wall fixture distinguishes itself from other wall fixtures with the possibility of varying the anchor point. Like our adjustable pole, a slide allows this in a few seconds. All this with a neat and minimalistic design.

Only the reinforced version is compatible with the Australe 340 and Acryl 300.


Type of fixture : wall

Range : from 30 cm to 250 cm (between the wall and the sail fixture point)

Fixture height : Variable on 150 cm

Material : Aluminium

Contents : 150cm track, adjustable slide +cleat, 5 m of rope (10m for the reinforced version), 2 simple pulleys (2 double pulleys for the reinforced version), 1 snap hook (1 shackle for the reinforced version).


Fixation voile ombrage réglable


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  • M. laurent
  •  the 17/08/2017
  • 4/5
Il manque un mode d'emploi spécifique a ce produit... Il doit êtres sur la face du mur et pas sur l'angle... Ce n'est pas très clair à la commande