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Bouchon Fourreau

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Estimate 08/12/2022


Protects fabrics from stains and dirt.

This product is perfectly adapted to our Acryl 300, Acryl 300 Old Riggings and Acryl 300 Roller shade sail.

It stops water and grease from penetrating.

Its invisible water repellant effect rejuvenates your sail! 

Outdoor fabrics are rendered waterproof during fabrication with a chemical treatment.

They become more resistant to diverse dirtying agents (dust, plant particles, tree sap, insects, light oily deposits, …) and avoid the development of mold on your shade sail.

Over time, the original treatment can lose efficiency. This is why outdoor fabrics must be regularly cleaned and treated.

This maintenance will keep your shade sail in an excellent state and significantly prolong its life. 

TEX’AKTIV’s pulverizer allows for a simple application.

A 1L bottle treats a 15m² surface.