Custom-made shade sail

Thanks to our configurator, Espace Ombrage offers you the opportunity to create the shade sail that suits you.
Rectangle, triangle, trapezoid, right-angled triangle or square, choose the shape that best suits your terrace and create your own sail.
Select the material (australe 340 openwork or acrylic 300 waterproof) and the colour, then indicate the dimensions you want, remembering that a sail must be taut. Don't forget to add the fasteners needed to tension your sail.
Espace ombrage makes your sails to measure in Acryl 300 or Australe 340.

Choose a shape


Fabrics & colours





Fixings and accessories

Stainless steel mousqueton
Recessed : 8 cm
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There you go! Your sail is ready !

Sail made-to-measure
Quantity : 1
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Your shade sail is not ready yet ! Follow each step to finish configuring your sail.

More details on your custom-made sail

__LABEL__ Has to be between 100cm and 750cm
Dimension of the sail
__LABELERROR__ Calculated. Has to be between 100cm and 750cm
Espace Ombrage recommend 45 to 250cm withdrawals for a well tensed sail.

Quantity : __QTY__

__TOTAL__€ Tax included