Free 3D estimate


We make estimates with 3D representation and shading simulations

2 possible solutions:

Entirely personalize your project: 

This solution directly represents your patio on the Espace Ombrage 3D software. You can then try as many configurations as you wish (standard or custom sails). Once you have found the ideal implantation, simply click on "Ask for an estimate" and we will respond within 72h. You can watch our video presenting the software here


Logiciel 3D voile d'ombrage

To download the software simply click on the image corresponding to your computer.

3D voile d'ombrage MAC             3D voile d'ombrage PC



Give us entire management of your project:

We offer the realization of quotes with 3D  representation and shading simulation.

Simply fill out a very simple form so that we can clearly identify your request and your needs. Accompany this form of a plan of your terrace and a few photos (a plan with raised hand with quotations is enough). We will get back to you within 72 hours with a personalized proposal consisting of a 3D representation of the implementation and its costing.

Once the project is completed, we will send you a map and access to the 3D software so you can directly view your future shading installation. If it suits you, you will only have to validate the estimate and proceed to its payment. 

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