Espace Ombrage 3D shading sail design tool

Create, modify & explore at will your solar sail.

Espace Ombrage 3D-Software for shade sail

Our software enables you to design your terrace in a few clicks. You will then be able to try out as many configurations as you wish (standard or made-to-measure shade sails). Thanks to the interactive cart directly integrated into the software, you can then control your budget.

Once you have found the ideal layout, you can order your shade sails directly or call on one of our specialists to help you with your project.

Pictogram modelling of espace ombrage's software

Draw easily your terrace, 
house or pool

Pictogram shade visualisation of espace ombrage's software

Place the sails and simulate shading throughout the day.

Pictogram colors visualisation of espace ombrage's software

Try out the colours of the fabrics to choose your ambiance

Pictogram quotation of espace ombrage's software

Get your quote in 1 click and add the items to your cart

Before you start, take the time to to watch our video tutorials!

Recreating your terrace

Integrating shade sails

Designing your space

Would you prefer to let us handle your project from start to finish?
No problem!

We offer you a quotation with a 3D representation and shading simulation.

All you have to do is fill in a form so that we can understand your needs and requirements. Attach a plan of your terrace and a few photos to this form (a freehand plan with dimensions is sufficient). We will get back to you within 72 hours with a personalised offer consisting of a 3D representation of the layout as well as a quote.

Once the project has been completed, we will send you a plan and an access to the 3D software so that you can directly visualise your future shading installation. If you are happy with this, all you have to do is validate the quote and proceed with payment. 

3D simulation of custom-made solar sail with pole for shade sail