Pergola shahde sail

Dress your pergola structure with a rectangular and tailor-made pergola shade sail. It is an efficient, design and reliable product that will suit your needs.

How to dress a pergola with a shade sail?

Get a quote quickly and easily with our online configurator. The Espace Ombrage sail is suitable for metallic, forged iron or wooden pergolas. You can also choose between an Australe 340 (micro-perforated) or Acryl 300 (waterproof), to perfectly match your needs and your environment.

NB: A waterproof sail for pergola requires an inclination of 25% to correctly drain the water and prevent water pouch.

Metalic pergola

Metallic pergola

Wooden pergola

Wooden pergola

For the installation, two feasible options:

1. You have a metallic pergola: 

The rope included in your order is more than enough. You must pass the rope through each eyelet and roll it around your structure. Finally, just tie each extremity of the rope together to hold the installation.

2. You have a wooden pergola:

We do provide special mushroom hooks to screw all along your pergola (screws are not included). Just intertwine the sandow around the fixations and pass it through the eyelets of the pergola sail.

To measure the right size for your pergola shade sail, nothing could be easier!

- Measure the inside of your pergola structure

- Remove 2 x 5 to 10 cm lengthwise and 2 x 5 to 10cm widthwise

This will allow you to have an optimum and adequate tension for your sail.

- Choose the gap between each eyelet from 20 to 30 cm*.

*This value will be adjusted during the fabrication process to harmonize the gaps all around the sail.

Pro tips: The bigger your sail is, the bigger the length and width removal must be (and vice versa).

Waterproof pergola sail

Because one picture is worth a thousand words:

Here is an example of how to use our online configurator to create your own tailor-made rectangular pergola sail:

Assuming that the inside of the structure is 6-meter-long times 4-meter-wide. Let’s remove 20 cm lengthwise and widthwise. So, I need to fill:

How to choose the dimension

You are all set! You can get a price as of now for your pergola shade sail project by clicking on the button below.


What fabric and color should you choose for your pergola shade sail?

You have the choice between micro-perforated or waterproof shade sail.

The Acryl 300 is available in 25 colors, from beige to gray, including Blue, Green, Red and Bordeaux. The darker the color, the fresher you will feel under the sail by limiting the reverberation of the sun on you terrace. However, because it is waterproof, the water won’t pass through, so you will need to create a slope of 25% to drain the water correctly.

The Australe 340 exists in 8 colors. The pergola shade sail will be less affected by the wind thanks to the way it is weaved. You can choose between Off-White, Sand, Terracotta, Sky, Scarlet, Ochre, Anthracite and Grey. The glare is stronger with brighter colors, you will probably need sunglasses under it.

Both fabrics are efficient again harmful rays, it filters up to 97% of the UV-rays of the sun.

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Here is a video explaining the assembly of the shade sail for pergola: