Espace Ombrage, and more specifically our sails, are quoted on a regular basis in the press specialized in furniture or outdoor decorating. Here are a few examples : 

Appearance in "Profession Paysagiste" january 2022


Appearance in "Mon jardin et ma maison" July 2021

voile de jardin

Appearance in "Maison et Travaux" July 2021

toile de terrasse toile terrasse

Appearance in "Habitat & Décoration Toulouse et région" june 2015


Espace Ombrage is on the front page of the magazine Habitat et Décoration, released in june 2015, with the Australe 340 sail. A double page and even more features are also dedicated to our company.

Espace ombrage magazine  Acryl 300 voile ombrage

multivoile magazine magazine voile d'ombrage


Appearance in "Côté piscine" N°21 (2015)


Here is an Australe 340 sail, appearing in the magazine Côté Piscine N'21, May 2015 (Edition Messignac, page 50-51).

Voile d'ombrage presse Voile d'ombrage pagazine

Appearance in "Rustica"




Appearance in "Maison Créative"


Appearance in "Système D"




Appereance in "Style Déco"




Appearance in "Technic Baie"