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What if you rediscovered your terrace?

Buying a shade sail on espace-ombrage.com means you can be sure of buying quality material and benefiting from individual and personalized advice on how to choose and install it. Espace Ombrage offers a wide range of shade sails designed to withstand all climates and provides you with all the information and resources you need to successfully complete your shade sail project.

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A custom made sail will be made according to your fixing points and will optimize the shading on your terrace. Custom shade sails can be made of different fabrics: waterproof shade sails to protect against rain or openwork shade sails to better resist wind and let light through. Both types of cloth provide the same protection from UV rays. We manufacture triangular, rectangular, trapezoidal or diamond shade sails in our workshop, depending on your requirements. Please note that a 4-sided sail will provide more shade than a triangular sail. You can also overlap several sails to create a dynamic look.

There are options on custom-made sails: with a manual roller system or with a motorised one. These options can be decided at the time the sail is designed. All these shade sails are fixed with tensioning systems between walls, between wall(s) and mast(s), or between masts.

Espace Ombrage also has all the products you need for your installation!

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The Espace Ombrage team is here to help you. Make the most of our expertise in designing your project. We will need a sketch of your terrace as well as one or two photos to know the environment. 3D simulations and quotes are provided for custom-made shade sails: Acryl 300, Australe 340 and motorised shade sails.

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Espace Ombrage, expert in shading sails for terraces and gardens

For over 15 years now, Espace Ombrage has been offering you the benefit of its expertise in the design of terraces and gardens by providing you with an exclusive selection of quality solar protection sails.

Designed to protect you effectively from the sun by creating a shaded area, these sails will also allow you to personalise your outdoor spaces, whatever their configurations. As much as they are very stylish they are also very simple to install and just as easy to dismantle thanks to a fixing system composed of ropes and resistant pulleys: 

To make it easier to find the right model for you, we have distinguished 3 types of equipment with a rectangular, triangular and square shade cloth that will perfectly meet your needs:

- Openwork sails, ideal for sunny and windy areas.
- Water-repellent sails, which are more suitable for rainy regions.
- Roller sails - manual or motorised - for permanent installations.

Do you have a specific need? Espace Ombrage can help you from A to Z to create a customised shade sail. To do so, we create a 3D simulation based on the characteristics of your exterior. Start designing your project now by sending us your request for a quote online!