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The Espace Ombrage Shade sail

Espace Ombrage gives you diverse quality shade sail options conceived to efficiently protect from the sun as well as rain. Discover perforated and water resistant equipment, resistant to strong winds and rain respectively. Finally, if you are searching for a model on which the shade can be rapidly deployed and retracted, opt for a roller model also available on our site.

Shade sail

We have different types of shade sails specially conceived to ensure maximum protection from the sun regardless of your space layout :

Wind resistant shade sails with micro perforated weaving that provides excellent UV protection and wind resistance for winds up to 80km/h,

Waterproof sails with water repellant fabric that will provide shade as well as rain protection,

Roller shade sails that deploy and retract very easily in less than a minute.

Shade sail

Which material should you choose for a shade sail ? 

In order to make the choice of the fabric of your sail, the first thing to know is your needs in terms of protection from the sun or the rain. At Espace Ombrage, we develop four ranges of products with each their characteristics. 

Australe 220 

This Shade Sail is composed of a micro-perforate fabric with a density of 220g/m2. This allows it to resist the winds while offering an optimal protection against the sun by filtering 90% of UV rays. 

Australe 340

Even more resistant than the Australe 220, the Australe 340 is the most suitable shade sail if you need a versatile fabric resistant to strong winds and allowing an optimal protection against the sun by filtering 97% os UV rays. Available in several colors, you can adapt it to several installations. 

Acryl 300

Inspired by nautical techniques, the Acryl 300 is a shade sail protecting both the rain and the sun thanks to its 100% acrylic fabric. Its waterproof capabilities however reduces the wind resistance lower than the Austral range. Filtering 97% of the UV, it is un uncompromising shade cloth allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces under all conditions ! 

Espace Ombrage know-how

With more than 15 years of experience in the manufacture and sale of shade sails, we are today able to offer you quality products and meet the expectations of our customers through tailors solutions to achieve all the possible configurations of shade sails. 

A tailor-made solution

A shade sail must be a real living space and it is to better meet the needs of our customers that we offer tailor-made solutions for your shade sails. 

Tools at the forefront

Since the experience of Shade Sail users is 100% digital, we have developed two tools that allow a perfect simulation of your future customized shade sails. You can choose the shape of your sail (triangle, right triangle, rectangle, square, trapeze or pergola) and its dimensions. For shading sail, colors as bindings are also customizable according to your configuration. 

Sails Australe 220 Australe 340 Acryl 300
Fabric 100% high density polyethylene  100% high density polyethylene  100% acrylic
Weaving  Micro-perforated fabric Micro-perforated fabric tight weaving 





Inclinations Free Free 25% minimum
Standard format  Yes Yes Yes
Tailored No Yes Yes
Pergolas No Yes Yes
Rolling sail No Yes Yes
Raincoat No No Yes
Wind resistance 80km/h 80km/h 60km/h
UV Filtration  90% 97% 97%
Weight 220g/m² 340g/m² 300g/m²
Reinforced angles  No Yes Yes
Number of colors  4 8 25
Warantee 2 years 5 years 5 years
Expedition time 72h 2 to 3 weeks 2 to 3 weeks

You are searching for a simple and efficient way to shade your outdoors? Discover our solar sail today!

Recognized specialist of reliable models for over 8 years, Espace Ombrage presents a large range of options on a dedicated online store. You will find all sorts of sails that will adapt to your patio as well as your yard, regardless of their layout.

For the purchase and the installation of each of them, our experience provides a quality pledge that you will not find anywhere else.

Our shade sail projects

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