Sail with motorized roller

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Four weeks on request
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Sail with motorized roller

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Four weeks on request

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Electric Roller Shade Sail

Discover the Espace Ombrage motorised electric roller shade sail. Rolling up and unrolling your sail has never been so easy thanks to its motorisation. This automatic shade sail is very easy to use.

Trendy and functional, this electric roller shade sail is designed in France by Espace Ombrage. Combining design and practicality, this shade sail deploys and retracts in a few moments. 

Electric roller shade sail with aluminium pole for terrace

Prices vary according to size, color, shape, fabric (FR or not), accessories and overall configuration.

The motorized roll-up shade sail is available in custom-made quadrilateral or triangle formats. It is suitable for positioning between walls and/or masts. This electric roll-up shade sail is made to measure, with a maximum surface area of 55 m² and a maximum boom length of 9m, and is extremely comfortable to use.

Waterproof, it provides complete protection against rain and UV rays.

Daily use in manual mode via remote control.

Automatic control via a wind turbine with photo-voltaic cell.

Delivery and installation in 2 steps.

The roll-up system is designed in France by Espace Ombrage, a specialist in shade sails for over 15 years.

- Made 100% in France and designed by Espace Ombrage

- Quadrilateral shape with diagonal roll-up / Triangular shape with roll-up axis defined by sail size

- High UV resistance

- Waterproof polyester fabric 250g/m2 (FR variant 380g/m2)

- Anti-stain treatment

- Reinforced seams, anchored to aluminum masts or walls

- Colors: to be selected at time of order*.

*Sail color is off-white by default.

Please send us a plan of the terrace and a photo of the surroundings for a customized quote to

Aluminum masts. Espace Ombrage screw-in or wall-mounted masts are compatible.

Wall-mounted brackets for wall-mounted corners.

Depending on the option chosen, this sail includes :

- 1 shade sail with motorized boom in recycled aluminum

- 2 motors in anodized aluminum housing for retractable angles

- 1, 2, 3 or 4 adjustable masts, depending on configuration.

- Wall-mounting brackets for remaining angles

- 1 remote control

- 1 wind turbine

All mechanical parts are machined from aluminum. A 3-point power supply with 10A circuit breaker is required.

Options :

- Protective cover to maximize the life of your roll-up sail and protect it from the elements.

Motorised shade sail available shapes

Motorised shade sail trapeze

Trapeze motorised sail

Motorised shade sail rectangle

Rectangle motorised sail

Motorised shade sail diamond

Diamond motorised sail

Motorised shade sail square

Square motorised sail

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Watch the video of the Espace Ombrage motorized roller sail

Rolling up and unrolling your sail has never been easier, thanks to motorized boom and retractable angles. This automatic shade sail is very easy to use. 

If you have any questions about installation, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How to install a motorized shade sail ?

Discover the various stages of installation with this video showing the assembly of the Espace Ombrage motorized sail. From installing the fixing points to setting the sail parameters and fitting the boom, you'll discover the various stages involved in fitting this product, which is both definitively stylish and terribly practical.

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