Are you looking for a  cheap shade sail  to enjoy a serene summer on your terrace? Espace Ombrage has been designing high-quality, low-cost shade sails for over 15 years, so you can relax and enjoy the sun, rain and strong winds. Happiness is found in small things, but also in small prices! Our Australe 220 openwork shade sails and Solar 200 waterproof shade cloths let you shade your terrace without breaking the bank. A chic, natural spot sheltered from the sun at a low price.

Our low-cost shade sails

The range of Australe shade sails is an excellent choice to indulge at a lower cost. 

Openwork shade sail Australe 220

The Australe 220 shade sail is Espace Ombrage's low-cost shade sail. It is available in four colors and several sizes. Made from high-density polyethylene, it filters out 90% of UV rays and withstands winds of up to 60-80 km/hour. The triangular shade sail and rectangular shade sail formats are suitable for installing sails at the corners of terraces.

The Australe 220 shade sail is therefore an effective and resistant protection that will enable you to shade your outdoor spaces while adding a modern and design touch without exhausting your budget.

The Australe 220 solar sail comes with marine-grade stainless steel snap hooks. There's one for every sail angle. These accessories allow you to assemble and disassemble the shade quickly and efficiently. However, this does not exclude the fact that you need standard long tensioning systems (=rope and single pulleys) at every angle to tension your sail properly.

Water-repelling shade sail Solar 200

The Solar 200 waterproof shade sail offers optimum protection from the sun. This waterproof polyester-coated solar sail also protects against rain. It's also lightweight, weighing just 200 g/m², with 90% UV filtering and wind resistance of up to 40 km/h. Solar 200 is available in four colors and is ideal for shading terraces, even in rainy weather. In triangular or rectangular format, these sails can be installed on any type of terrace. They offer excellent value for money.

Garden fabric can be installed both in summer and mid-season, when the weather is suitable. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Be careful, however, as a slope is required for solar shades if you buy a water-repellent shade sail, such as the Solar 200. The slope of a shade sail simply refers to the inclination created naturally on the fabric by establishing a difference in height between the highest and lowest points. This calculation depends on the sides of your sail. For example, if you have a 500x400 cm sail, you should create a height difference of 1 meter between the highest and lowest points (400*0.25=100), if the slope is made in the 4-meter direction.

BEFORE/AFTER on a solar terrace cover project: 

A complete installation requires fasteners. To keep your sail taut, you'll need standard long fasteners made of ropes and pulleys at each corner. These fasteners will also enable you to quickly install and uninstall your sail. 

The adjustable shade sail mast is an effective accessory for securing your shade sail. There are several types of baseplate:

- The embeddable base designed for stake installation on soft ground.

- Screw-on bases are used to attach masts to wooden, tiled or concrete decking.

- Or swivel wall plates, used to lean your pole against a wall.

It's up to you to choose the base that best suits your environment. These shade sail poles are designed to withstand the tensile forces of your sails. Adjustable pole colors are available in aluminum, anthracite and brown. The poles are designed to withstand the tensile forces of sails. The profile of the masts is in a single piece to ensure good resistance and to have shade sail installations with a good design and deco look.

To maintain your inexpensive shade sail, you'll need additional products such as a storage bag to keep your sail safe in winter, and a cleaning spray for your adjustable poles if you have any. Choose several to personalize your shade sail project. In fact, we recommend removing your shade sails in winter or in the event of very strong winds or storms.

You can also opt for several canvas formats to personalize your shade sail project, remembering to overlap them to avoid daylight between them. Find out more in this FAQ dedicated to the installation of a triangle shade sail and how to combine two solar sails.