Are you looking for a  cheap shade sail  to enjoy a serene summer on your terrace? Espace Ombrage designs protective fabrics at low prices to relax away from the sun, rain or strong winds. 

Our low-cost shade sails

The range of Australe shade sails is an excellent choice to indulge at a lower cost. 

Australe 220

The Australe 220 shade sail is the cheap shade sail at Espace Ombrage. It is available in four colors and several formats. Designed in high density polyethylene, it filters 90% of UV and withstands winds up to 60-80 km / hour.

The Australe 220 shade sail is therefore an effective and resistant protection that will allow you to shade your outdoor spaces while adding a modern and design touch.

For the maintenance of your cheap shade sail, provide you with complementary products such as a storage bag to shelter your canvas in winter or a cleaning spray. Choose several to customize your shade sail project.

Clearance of shade sails

If you are looking for a cheap shade sail and you do not need a specific size, check out our destocking offers You will discover the ranges of Acryl and Austral products at unbeatable prices!