Mural kits for shade sails

Our mural fixture kits for shade sails

Among the numerous advantages of shade sails, there is obviously their protective purpose but also their ease of installation. This ease is increased with our fixture kits that, like our sails, are inspired by the marine world. They are composed of resistant ropes, pulleys, and snap hooks similar to those used on sail boats and will allow you to install and disassemble a sail without strain.

Mural kits

Fixture kits include all the equipment needed to install a shade sail, depending on the configuration you want. Your choice is therefore easy and you will not go wrong or have a binding that does not match the characteristics of your sail. 

The wall brackets connect the ends of the shade sail to the wall. Available with a kit of three or four wall brackets, you will have all the accessories to carry out your installation. 

Inspired by the nautical world, the wall mount makes it possible to dismount and mount a sail very quickly thanks to a system of ropes and pulleys. 

The wall fixings leave a gap of between 30 cm and 250 cm between the attachment point and the shade sail. This allows adaptation to all types of configurations. 

Wall mounts can be installed on different types of walls: concrete or stone or brick and wood. 

In order for a shade sail to be properly installed, it must be fully stretched and have no abnormal folds.

Mural kits