Wall mounting packs for shade sails

Among the advantages of shade sails are their ability to protect against the sun's harmful rays and to reduce the temperature on the terrace and windows, but also their ease of installation. This is made even easier by our fixing kits which, like the sunblock sails, are also inspired by the nautical world. They consist of strong, rot-proof ropes, pulleys and handles similar to those used on sailing boats, which allow you to attach and detach your sail effortlessly.

Wall kits to fix shade sails

The fixing kits include all the necessary material to install a shade sail in the configuration you want.
This makes it easier to choose the right fastener for you, and avoids the risk of making a mistake or having a fastener that does not match the characteristics of your sail. 

Wall mounts connect the ends of the shade sail to the wall.

They are available in kits of three or four wall brackets, so you will have all the accessories to complete your installation.

Inspired by the nautical world, the wall bracket allows you to quickly dismantle and assemble a sail using a system of ropes and pulleys. 

The wall mountings leave a gap of around 30cm and 250cm between the fixing point and the shade sail.

This makes it possible to adapt to all types of configurations. Wall fixings can be installed on different types of walls: concrete, stone or brick and wood. 

For a shade sail to be installed properly, it must be fully tensioned and not have any abnormal folds.

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