Discover our shade sail pack ready-to-use

Need multiple sails ?

The space you wish to shade requires a layout with the simultaneous use of multiple sails? Not a problem! It is possible to combine as many as your space needs to offer a solar protection to meet your expectations. Discover our pre-conceived packs in which you will find the actual sails and the fixture material to hang them.

Multi-sail packs

The Multisail packs are conceived with layout types to aid in your choice.

They contain multiple shade sails that interfold for a design and original installation.

These packs allow you to easily and rapidly install your shade sails sails in your yard or on your patio.

An innovative and elegant solution to decorate your outdoors.

Multi-sail packs

Several shades sails finishes

In order to adapt to all needs and configurations, the multi-sail packs are available in several finishes. In order to better guide you we have summarized their technical characteristics below. 

Australe 220

The Australe 220 finish is a shade sail that provides good sun protection while providing wind resistance up to 80km / h. Available in triangular or four-sided shape, this shade sail will be your ideal ally if you want to protect your deck in an aesthetic and discreet way.

Australe 340

The Australe 340 shade sail is the best protection against the sun and the wind. Inspired by paintings used in nautical engineering, this sail is made to withstand time. Note a UV filtration at 97% and resistance to winds up to 80km / h. Available in several sizes and colors, it will dress your outdoor spaces with elegance.

Acryl 300

If you are looking for a finish protecting both the rain and the sun, you will have to turn to the Acryl 300. Impermeability is achieved through an acrylic fabric that also filters 97% of UV. The Acryl 300 is available in 25 colors, which will leave you the choice in the color combination for your multi-star installation.

The advantages of multivariate packs

Thanks to our experience of more than 10 years in the shade sails, we have been able to study the needs of our customers and the most requested configurations. Thus, in order to facilitate your task, these packs make it possible to group all the elements necessary for the installation of a shade sail in several possible configurations: for example a two Australe 340 sails, two masts and two wall fixings.