Roll and unroll your roller shade sail easily

A roller shade sail offers a clear advantage for locations exposed to the vagaries of the wind. Depending on the conditions, you can easily roll up your shade sail to protect it. Choose the fabric you want according to your requirements (Australe 340 or Acryl 300). For the dimensions, you can select the standard sizes of roller sails, or prefer a custom-made sail to match your surroundings.

  • Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks
  • 300 g/m²
  • Waterproof
Price €762.50 

Retractable shade sails with manual roll-up

Enjoy greater comfort when using your sail thanks to the roll-up system. The notched pulley allows you to wind up the sail at any time, thus protecting your system in strong winds. This system is ideal for those who want to have a sail and still be able to store it easily, as the furling sails can be unfurled and retracted very quickly, in less than a minute!

How to chose the right shade sail?

To choose your shade sail, you need to know in advance what purpose it will serve. Here are some answers.

Waterproof Roller Shade Sail

I would like protection
against sun and rain

In this case, we invite you to consider the Acryl 300. The Acryl range provides effective protection from the sun with 97% UV filtration and optimum protection from the rain. The acrylic fabric reinforces the sail and gives it a marine look. 

The Acryl 300 line is waterproof and can resist winds of up to 60km/h. Opting for a roll-up installation will make it easier for you to fold and unfold the sail in record time. Since no water passes through the sail, it is necessary to create a 25% slope for it to flow naturally and avoid the creation of water pockets.

Custom made micro-perforated shade sail

I want sun protection
with wind resistance

The Australe openwork range is the one to look out for if you are seeking wind resistance and effective protection from the sun. The Australe 340 finish is probably the strongest openwork shade cloth on the market. Inspired by the nautical world, its style is pleasing and will adapt to all configurations thanks to the different shapes and colours that are available in this range. 

The Australe 340 filters 97% of UV while holding up to winds up to 80km/h. This is a sail without compromise.

How does the roller system work?

The roll-up system allows you to retract the sail in 30 seconds, and the same applies to the deployment. The system is developed so that you can manoeuvre your openwork or water-repellent shade sail on your own and without any effort. It is therefore an option that is designed to make your life easier. In case of strong winds, you will be able to roll up your sail quickly and thus preserve the life of your installation. A roll-up sail can be hung and rolled up all year round, even in winter. However, in the event of severe weather, we recommend removing your system to avoid any risks.

Here is a presentation video of the roller system (English subtitles available). 

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