Shade sail wall fixtures

Fixtures and accessories:

Espace Ombrage has available all the fixtures individually. You can thus pick all the pieces you need for your sail according to the layout particularities. Find a selection of wall fixtures that will fit perfectly the walls of your house.

Wall fixtures and accessories

In order to customize your installation and create an optimization in relation to your environment, we have established a wide range of fasteners and accessories. 
The short wall fixture allows you to fix an angle of the shade sail to your wall. The short wall mount leaves a gap of 25cm to 35cm between the attachment point and the shade sail. 

The long wall fixture is the perfect attachment if you want to combine the robustness and practicality. The nautical rope and the pulleys allow an excellent tension of the sail leaving a distance of 30cm to 250cm between the point of fixation and the sail of shade.

The double skin wall fixture has the same role as the fixtures mentioned above with the particularity of being suitable for buildings with external insulation. 

The tension system allows to hang an additional shade sail on an adjustable mast. The coulisse will ensure an independent adjustment of the height of the two sails while leaving a space between 30cm and 2m50 between the mast and the sail.

The stainless steel tackle,  inspired directly from our adjustable masts, allows to roll up the surplus of rope in a purely aesthetic frame, the latter being realized in stainless steel. 

Wall fixtures and accessories