Our wall mounts and shade sail accessories

Espace Ombrage offers you all of its fasteners in detail. You can therefore select the parts you need to hang your sail according to the specifics of your configuration. Here you will find a selection of wall fixings that will fit perfectly on the walls of your home.

Fixings and accessories for garden sails

To personalize your installation, we have developed a wide range of fixings and accessories. 

The short wall fixings allow you to attach a corner of the shade sail to your wall.
The short wall bracket leaves a gap of 25cm to 35cm between the fixing point and the shade sail.
It is recommended for the roller sail.

Long wall mounts are ideal if you are looking for a combination of strength and convenience.
The nautical rope and pulleys provide excellent tensioning of the sail, leaving a distance of 30cm to 250cm between the fixing point and the shade sail.
They allow the sails to be tensioned and lowered effortlessly from the deck.

Double skin wall fixings have the same function as the above fixings with the added feature of being suitable for buildings with external insulation. 

The tensioning systems allow an additional shade sail to be hung on an adjustable pole.
The slider
will provide independent height adjustment of both sails while leaving a gap of between 30cm and 2.5m between the mast and the sail.

The wall cleat, inspired directly by our adjustable masts, allows the excess rope to be rolled up in a purely aesthetic frame, the latter being made of stainless steel or plastic. 

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