Pole kits for shade sail

Our pole kits for shade sails

If you are searching for a material solution combining quality, flexibility, and design to tighten your shade sail, the adjustable pole is made for you! This kits contain one or two adjustable poles and wall fixtures. 

Pole kits

Our attachment kits include all the equipment you need to mount your shade sail to the configuration you want. 

Your choice is so easy and you are sure not to go wrong.

Adjustable masts are the simplest solution if you are looking to attach a shade sail but you have no wall nearby. At a height of 2m60 or 3m, there are two types of masts: inclined at 82 degrees or horizontal. 

The wall mounts allows to fix an angle of the shade sail directly to a wall. Thanks to the ropes and pulleys, the ensured tension is excellent. 

Discover our kits of fixings: 

Pole kits: veil stretched between mast (s) and wall (s)

Pole kits