Our water-repellent fabric shade sails


The  waterproof shade sail  is designed in a water repellent fabric, guaranteed for five years, using the processes of nautical manufacturing. The water does not cross but slides over its entire surface to have a terrace and garden furniture effectively protected. Among the  shade sails with  water repellent fabric, the Acryl 300 range offers a shade cloth exclusively made of acrylic and equipped with a stain-resistant system.

Do you live in a particularly rainy region? The rain-resistant, cryl 300-rigging sail has a maritime spirit, perfect at the seaside or ocean, on the Atlantic coast, in the Channel or on the North Sea. It has excellent resistance to traction and is available in 25 colors, from white to pink and earth tint.

The classic Acryl 300 range  is simpler, but also protects from the sun and rain. Filtering 97% of UV, it has the same capabilities as a tarpaulin while having a natural fabric appearance thanks to its acrylic finish. 

The Acryl 300 and Acryl 300 rigging sails are custom-made to better suit your configuration and needs. Because of their lower wind resistance than the Australe finish shade sails, we recommend a reel configuration that will allow you to fold the shade sail in just a few seconds. If you need more information about this range of solar canvas, do not hesitate to contact us or to request a sample .