Perforated shade sails : discover our Australe sails

Perforated shade sails

With their "airy" canvas, perforated shade sail assure an effective protection against UV sun rays and strong winds . Very resistant , these sails are ideal for protection from winds that can blow up to 80 km / h.

Wind resistant shade sails

The wind-resistant shade sails effectively protect you from UV and are resistant to strong winds thanks to their "airy" weave. They can withstand gusts of up to 80 km / h. 

The openwork shade sails are therefore particularly adapted to the windy environments of the terraces by the sea. 

Designed for a "permanent" installation in the summer season, our sails that resist the wind will ideally shade your garden, terrace or pool in the respect of the environment. The manufacture of our shades is thus guaranteed without toxic substance.

Wind resistant shade sails

What you need to know about wind resistant sails

The vocation of a shade sail is mainly to protect from the sun, but to benefit from wind resistance is more than interesting. We offer two ranges of shade sails with these features: 

Australe 220

This lightweight sail is an effective protection against the sun and its perforated fabric helps to reduce the heat of the sun. Its different colors and formats give it an adaptation to all types of environments. 

Australe 340

Inspired by the nautical world, the Australe 340 finish is probably the most versatile shade sail on the market: it filters 97% of UV rays while having a resistance to winds up to 80km / h. This finish in addition to having many colors and sizes is also available to measure. 

Finishing winder

The wind resistant shade sails from Espace Ombrage are available in a winder finish. This approval is a strong point in the use of your shading system since you will be able to fold and unfold the sail in less than a minute. In order to guarantee a better resistance of your shade cloth, we recommend to fold it as soon as the weather conditions are bad or if you do not use it. With a retractor, this operation will be simplified.