Openwork shade sails

Thanks to their "airy" weave, the perforated anti-UV shade sails offered by Espace Ombrage provide effective protection against the sun's ultra-violet rays. Highly resistant to wind, these solar sails are ideal for optimal protection during the hottest hours of the day. They filter out 90 to 97% of the sun's ultraviolet rays. These shade sails are also equipped with a fabric that does not fade under the action of light thanks to mass dyeing.


  • Shipping time within 48h
  • Wind: 60 to 80km/h
  • 220 g/m²
Price €41.67  Regular price €49.02
  • Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks
  • Wind: 80km/h
  • 340 g/m²
Price €224.17 
  • Shipping time : From 1 to 2 weeks
  • 340 g/m²
  • 5 yrs guar. fabrics
Price €704.17 

Windproof shade sails

Espace Ombrage's wind-resistant shade sails provide effective UV protection and are resistant to strong winds thanks to their "airy" weave. 

They can withstand winds of up to 60-80 km/h.

Openwork shade sails are therefore particularly suitable for windy environments of seaside terraces. 

Designed for "permanent" installation in the summer season, our wind-resistant sails will ideally shade your garden, terrace or swimming pool in an environmentally friendly manner. The manufacture of our shade cloths is guaranteed free of toxic substances.

What you need to know about windproof sails

The purpose of a shade sail is mainly to protect from the sun, but having wind resistance is more than interesting. 
Here are the ranges of shade sails with these characteristics: 

Entry level openwork shade sail

Australe 220

This light sail is an effective protection against the sun and is made of an openwork fabric that helps reduce the sun's heat. Its different colours and sizes make it suitable for all types of environments. Its excellent value for money will meet your expectations and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space with complete peace of mind. 

Made-to-measure micro-perforated shade sail

Australe 340

Inspired by the nautical world, the Australe 340 finish is probably the most versatile shade sail on the market: it filters 97% of UV rays while withstanding winds of up to 80km/h. This finish is available in a wide range of colours and sizes and can also be made-to-measure. 

Manual Roller Shade Sail

Roller system

The wind-resistant shade sails from Espace Ombrage are available in a roll-up finish. This is a strong point in the use of your shade system as you can roll up and unroll the sail in less than a minute.

Shade sail made of natural coconut fibre

Coconut fabric

More stylish than ever, this natural coconut fibre fabric will bring a decorative and bohemian chic atmosphere to your exterior. Although it does not protect you from UV rays, it will filter the light and give a cosy effect to your terrace. Its fully open weave is ideal for the seaside if the climate is not too humid.

To ensure that your shade cloth is as strong as possible, we recommend that it is folded up as soon as the weather conditions are bad or you are not using it.
With a roller, this operation will be simplified.

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