Conseils pour le choix de votre voile d'ombrage


Less popular than the traditional gazebos and pergolas, the shade sail is at least as effective and as design. However, it cannot be associated to a yard shed since its purpose is to ensure an efficient solar protection to enjoy one’s patio all summer long as well as the rest of the year. Shade sails have the same numerous advantages of the sails used in the marine, of which they are inspired, and which allow boats to use the force of the wind to travel at sea.

In addition to their protective aspect, they constitute a valuable asset in terms of decoration. If you are still wondering why equipping your patio with a sail, we provide further information here

The choice

The choice of a shade sail leaves no room for chance. Take the time to compare the different models available! First, choose the fabric with which it will be made. If a good sail must be a foolproof barrier against ultra-violets, it must also be resistant to the weather including wind and rain. Espace Ombrage offers perforated and water repellent sails.

The size and shape are very important as well. You must ensure, before making an order, that you will have enough space to tighten your future sail. On the opposite, make sure not to choose a model too small that will not shade the desired zone.

As for the shape, its choice depends on the incline of the sun’s rays and the decor. Depending on the evolution of the sun around your patio and your decorative wishes, you should compare the triangular and rectangular sails to know which ones are meant for you.

Then take into account the color, that requires particular attention. As explained previously, sails are not solely a solar protection. In order for these to embellish your patio and protect, choose colors that you like and that will be in harmony with your exterior. The presentation of our new shade sails will show you the new trends. If you do not find what you are looking for in our selection of products, do not hesitate to make a custom shade sail perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your patio and to your decorative wishes.

The installation

Installation is a crucial step, since the set up of your equipment, for one or multiple sails, will condition the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your protection. Depending on the weather conditions of your region, your sail may be put to severe test because of the wind or rain. This explains Espace Ombrage’s wish to offer perforated and water repellent sails. This implies that both must be correctly attached to their fixture, on one or multiple walls and/or one or multiple poles.


Enriched with an expertise that goes beyond the boundaries of solar protection, Espace Ombrage has more information on shade sails. We have an interest in decoration and real estate in which we can see its influence. You can consult here and created a Q&A section in which we answer the most popular questions.