Melange d'une voile coco et australe micro perforé sur une terrasse

In addition to their undeniable and undisputed protective virtue, they are a real asset in terms of decoration. If you are still wondering why you should equip your terrace with a stretched canvas, we offer you more information here.

All about our shade sails

Less popular than traditional gazebos and pergolas, the shade sail is at least as effective and as design. However, it cannot be considered only as a garden shelter. Indeed, its main purpose is to provide effective solar protection to enjoy the terrace throughout the summer, as well as the rest of the year. To achieve their goals, the shade sails take the many strengths of the sails used in the navy, from which they are directly inspired, and which allow the boats so equipped to take advantage of the force of the wind to move at sea.

The choice

Choosing a shade sail doesn't leave anything to chance. So take the time to compare the different models available! The first thing to consider is the fabric from which it is made. While a good sail should provide an unstoppable barrier against the sun's ultraviolet rays, it should also be resistant to the vagaries of the weather, starting with wind and rain. For this reason, Espace Ombrage offers respectively perforated and water-repellent sails.

Size and shape are also very important. Before ordering, make sure you have enough space to stretch your future sail. On the other hand, be careful not to choose a model that is too small and will not be able to shade the entire desired area. As for the shape, its choice is conditioned both by the problem of the inclination of the sun's rays and the decoration. Depending on the evolution of your terrace's sunlight and your expectations in terms of decoration, you should compare rectangular and triangular sails, in particular, to find out which one is right for you.

Next is the color scheme, which, although secondary, deserves special attention. As we explained in the previous point, it is not just a simple sun protection equipment. In order for it to enhance your terrace as well as protect it, choose colors that you like and that will blend harmoniously with your outdoor space. The presentation of our new shade sails will give you an overview of the latest trends. If you can't find what you're looking for in our selection of products, don't hesitate to customize a shade sail that is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of your terrace and to your decorative expectations.


Installation is a crucial step, because the installation of your equipment, whether it is a single sail or a combination of several, will determine the effectiveness of your protection, its safety, and its durability. Depending on the weather conditions of the region where you live, your sail may indeed be subjected to harsh conditions, both because of the wind and the rain. This explains Espace Ombrage's decision to concentrate its offer on perforated and water-repellent sails. This also implies that both sails must be properly attached to their supports, which can be one or more walls of your house and/or one or more poles and posts.

- You want to install the sail yourself:

Espace Ombrage, with over fifteen years of expertise, designs its products in the spirit of : Do it yourself*. We provide you with many tools (videos, instructions, product sheets, tutorials, FAQ) at your disposal.

- You need assistance for the installation of your project:

Use your address book and look within your contacts, some may be able to help you. Ask your family or friends directly for help in setting up your project. You can also turn to your gardener or landscaper. There are community networks dedicated to the service that can take care of the installation of your shade sail, such as Need-Help. All you have to do is formulate your needs (in this case the installation of your shade sail), and you will then be able to find the services of handymen or possibly professionals.

To go further

With a rich expertise that goes far beyond the borders of solar protection only, Espace Ombrage tells you more about shade sails. We have taken an interest in the decoration market and in real estate to the point where its influence can be observed. We have also written a white paper that you can read here and set up a FAQ on which we answer the questions we are most often asked.

Jeu de voile d ombrage sur une terrasse
décorer vos terrasses avec des voiles d'ombrage