Custom made pergola cover

Espace ombrage provides you with this configurator to create your custom-made pergola shade sail.

After choosing the shape that suits you, choose the material and colour, dimensions, and accessories to suit your environment.

Let our online tool guide you.

Choose a shape


Fabrics & colours





Attach your pergola sail

Colour of the bungee rope

I need hooks to screw on my wooden pergola structure

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There you go! Your sail is ready !

Sail made-to-measure
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Your shade sail is not ready yet ! Follow each step to finish configuring your sail.

More details on your custom-made sail

__LABEL__ Has to be between 100cm and 750cm
Dimension of the sail
__LABELERROR__ Calculated. Has to be between 100cm and 750cm
Espace Ombrage recommend 45 to 250cm withdrawals for a well tensed sail.

Quantity : __QTY__

__TOTAL__€ Tax included