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Long wall fixture

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Multiplies the force
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Inox 316
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Long wall fixture

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A long wall fixture for your shade sail

Attach your shade sail to your wall with this shade sail attachment: long, it allows you to have more varied attachment angles to best suit your space.

Shade sail tensioner

This attachment allows you to fix a corner of your shade sail to a wall.

It leaves a gap between the fixing point and the sail of 45 cm to 250 cm.

With its nautical rope and pulleys, it is ideal for giving your sail a nautical look and providing excellent tension.

The nautical system allows you to set up and take down your sail quickly and easily.

Type of mounting: Wall mounted

Range: from 45 to 250cm

Weight: 500g

Material: 316 stainless steel and rot-proof nautical rope

Warranty: 2 years

Contents of the bracket

Reinforced fasteners are essential for Acryl 300 and Australe 340 shade cloths with heavier fabrics.
They contain double pulleys adapted to the karabiners of the latter which facilitate the tensioning of the sail and make the installation more resistant.

- 1 expanded dowel

- 1 eyebolt

- 5m of black rope (10m for the reinforced version)

- 1 set of single pulleys (double for the reinforced version) and a shackle.

fixation pour voile d'ombrage pour mur béton

- 1 jumper

- 4 screws

- 5m of black rope (10m for the reinforced version)

- 1 set of single pulleys (double for the reinforced version) and a shackle.

fixation pour toile d'ombrage pour mur bois

Depending on your installation choices, you will also need additional products.

Installation of the wall mount

For the concrete version:
- Drilling diameter: 14mm
- Drilling depth: 80mm

Anchors for solid or hollow materials:
We have selected the PRIMA plug from SPITZ, a world leader in the fastening industry. This plug is suitable for solid and hollow walls.
The expansion technique is well proven and provides full satisfaction in its use. We recommend to follow the different installation steps of this anchor (see sketch).

Before inserting the anchor into the hole, it is important to make sure that the anchor can be fully inserted into a hole the size of the anchor.
The hole should not be too large, otherwise the plug will not expand in the substrate, as it will turn on itself in the hole.

Cheville à expansion pour voile d'ombrage
Fixation murale voile d'ombrage

The fixings should always be in line with the diagonals or medians of the shade sail

Axes de tension d'une voile d'ombrage

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The M6 carabiner is supplied with the Australe 220 and Solar 200 sails and is suitable for use with standard long fasteners. The M8 carabiner is supplied with the Australe 340 and Acryl 300 sails and is suitable for reinforced long bindings. The M8 carabiner is not suitable for standard long fasteners.

We recommend that you lay your sail on the ground with the seams facing downwards so that the sail's attachment points are well positioned in the tension axes. Installation tutorials are available on the Espace Ombrage YouTube channel.

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