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Pack Australe 220 Triangle + Trapeze

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Pack Australe 220 Triangle + Trapeze
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Triangle and Trapezium perforated shade sails

Pair different colors and create your custom atmosphere with these 3 Australe 220 shade sails.

Independently adapt the incline of your shade sails with the slides integrated into the poles and benefit from shade all day.

The anodized stainless aluminum poles of 3mm thickness guarantee a durable and aesthetic installation. They are removable: store them easily in the winter and slide them on their base when the sunny days are back!

Design openwork shade cover
    • Conceived without eyelets to avoid any tears

    • Reinforcement strap inserted in the lining of the shade sail forming a hanging strap in the corners: the tractions are distributed in the entire surface and the shade sails benefit from a better resistance.

  • Technology from the nautical field.

The fabric of the AUSTRALE 220 solar sail is made of high density polyethylene threads.

Guaranteed for 2 years, it provides: 

- 90 to 95% UV filtration, UPF 30.

- Weight 220g/m2.

- Chlorine proof.

- A very good resistance to traction.

- A very good wind resistance thanks to the air permeable fabric.

- Guaranteed to be free of toxic substances and to pose no risk to health, skin or the environment.

A special pack of 3 shade sails + mounting accessories, for a functional and design installation.

This pack includes:

- The sails: 1 triangular sail + 1 trapeze sail

- The pole(s): 1 or 2 adjustable poles with tensioning systems and slides

- The wall fixings

Dimensions of the sails:

- Sail 1: Trapeze 4,00 x 3,00 x 4,00 x 5,50m

- Sail 2: Triangle 4,00 x 5,00 x 6,40m


- To cover an area of approximately 6,20 x 4,00m

- Total space required for installation: approx. 7,00 x 5,20m

A terrace with stretched shade sails for a cosy atmosphere

Elegant anodized aluminum poles with galvanized steel core for an optimal resistance. Removable for smart storage with an adjustable fixture height to incline the shade sail according to the sun’s position.

High quality nautical fixtures with stainless steel pulleys and nautical rope , giving a marine aspect to the shade sails that is visually appealing and additional ease of installation and disassembly.

And additional accessories such as the adjustable pole spot or the shade sail storage bag.

Pack content : Shade sails, mast(s) and wall-mountings

1 triangle et un trapèze avec un mât réglable

1-pole version

- The 2 shade sails

- 6 standard long wall mountings

- 1 adjustable mast with standard tensioning system, adjustment slide and base plate

1 triangle et un trapèze avec deux mâts réglables

2-poles version

- The 2 shade sails

- 4 standard long wall fixings

- 2 adjustable poles with standard tensioning system, adjusting slide and base plate 

- 1 standard tensioning system, 1 slider and 1 additional cleat

Practical information:

Each shade sail is delivered with a snap hook for every angle for a quit installation/disassembly.

The additional system tension allows you to fix a second shade sail on the same mast.

A long wall fixation is made of 2 stainless pulleys, a 5-meter black nautical rope, a shackle, a dowel and a pad-eye*.

*For a wooden wall, the dowel and threaded rod are replaced by stainless saddles and screws.

You can complete your shade cover installation with additional products

Installing shade sails on your terrace

This diagram gives you an estimate of the minimum space required for the installation of the various fixing points of the 3-pack shade covers.

These measurements may vary depending on :

- Your environment

- The actual dimensions of the sails under tension which can be up to 5% larger than the advertised dimensions, due to the elasticity of the fabric, the manufacturing processes and the varying degrees of tension applied to the shade sail.

Installation of the 1 trapeze and 1 triangle pack

Fixing points should always be in line with the diagonals of the sails (or the medians in the case of triangular sails), with a minimum of 45 cm of tension margin for masts and wall fixings.

As the two triangular sails are installed in different directions, it is possible that one of these sails has the hem on the top side.

If necessary, we recommend visiting the wall fixings page to find out more about wall mountings. We invite you to do the same for the adjustable poles (to choose the right base for your environment).

Tensioning axes for correct sail tensioning

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