Here is a help to define the dimension of the sail to order for a pergola 

There are several types of Pergolas. 

In this help we have identifies to of them: 

1. Wooden Pergolas

How can we calculate the right dimensions ? 

- In order to know the right dimensions of your pergola sail, you must first start by measuring the dimensions of the interior of your structure. 

- We advise you to put hooks for pergola to hang the sail. 

- Then, between the inside f the structure and the sail, remove between 5 to 10 cm so that the sail is stretched to the maximum as can be seen in the photo. 

- There is also another method. In this case it is necessary that the 5 to 10 cm are between the axis of the hooks of the pergola and the edge of the fabric (to use according the side of the section of the beams and the structure). 

We must remove 5 to 10 cm from each side of the structure of pergola either: 

2 x (5 to 10 cm) in length and do the same in width). 

2. Metal pergolas

For measurement of metal structures, remove to 5 to 10 cm between the edge of the fabric and the inner edge of the metal rod. 

Let's take an example to illustrate : 

I would like to install a pergola. The dimensions of the interior structure are 4,00m wide and 6,00m long. 

I will remove doc: 

4,00 m - (2 x 5/10 cm)

6,00 m - (2 x 5/10 cm)

Free to choose then the gap you want between each eyelet. 

Attention :We leave the choice to the customer to withdraw between 5 cm and 10 cm but we recommend however. 

- To remove closer to 10 cm in the case of a large sail. 

- Near 5 cm in the case of a small pergola sail. 

NB: The bungee is sold with the sail of a large sail. 

Attention, the hooks are nos included, they must be ordered separately if necessary.