Tightened sail 


Custom made tightened sail 

Tightened sails adapt themselves easily to different projects : they provide custom made solutions according to the environment in which the sail is installed.

Espace Ombrage manufacture custom made sales that can be perforated or water repellent. Our tightened sails side sizes can go from 2 to 7m.

You can contact us to obtain a free estimate regarding you project.

Tightened sail for a unique atmosphere


voiles d'ombrage tendues A tightened sail for a modern atmophsere. It will create a modern, original, elegant and design atmosphere for your terrace or your garden. Thightened sails procure a aesthetic different from the pergolas, parasols or roller-blinds. For exemple, you can entangle two tightened sails, and thus optimize the shade created, as welle as play with colour contrast by choosing different colours for the two tightened sails.

A tightened sail for every need

According to you environment and the type of installation, a tightened sail might offer more resistance to the wind than other solution, and be a good choice   to create shade on a large area. 

We offer perforated tightened sails, which provide a 80km/h wind resistance. Those are adapted for seashores and every windy environment. 

If you wish to be protected from the rain, water reppelent tightened sail will be the best option. 

A thightened sail to be protecetd from the sun 

Our tightened sails filtrate from 92% to 97% UVs 

A tightened sail for freedom of installation

voile d'ombrage, toile tendueA tightened sail can be fixed on walls and poles. It can be installed by anyone, so you don't need the help of a fitter.