Shade sails: Protect yourself from skin-damaging rays

Terraces, gardens, swimming pools: spend a summer protected from the sun's harmful rays with Espace Ombrage.

Concerned about your comfort, we have made all our products with a view to guaranteeing you maximum protection against UV rays.
Combine pleasure and health with a shade cloth

UVA and UVB rays are indeed harmful to the skin. It is therefore recommended that you spend time outdoors while remaining protected from the sun's rays, whatever the age of your family members.

Ideal by the pool, on the terrace for lunch around the house, or for the garden lounge, the shade cloth will protect you from the heat and harmful rays of the sun.

Each shade sail colour has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating, which indicates the level of sun protection.

Slightly variable depending on the colour of the fabric, the rate of transmitted UV never exceeds 8% for the shade sails offered by Espace Ombrage. Our solar sails provide over 92% protection from the sun's rays.

This guarantees optimal protection against the sun's rays.

Sunshade fabric

Benefit from real visual comfort

Just like your skin, your eyes need to be protected from UVA and UVB rays.

Depending on the colour you choose, the light is filtered to a greater or lesser extent by the shade sail, allowing you to create your own atmosphere. The shade sail protects against any glare or visual discomfort. The light-coloured sails will filter the sun's rays while bringing brightness and "second day" to the interior of the house.
Darker fabrics will effectively protect against the sun's intensity of light under strong sunlight conditions. This is because the reverberation of the ground is filtered to a greater or lesser extent depending on the colour chosen (the darker the colour of the fabric, the more the reverberation of the ground is reduced).
Sun protection with shade sails and decorative contribution to the terrace

The colours are also to be chosen according to the decorative spirit you wish to give to your terrace: continuity of the interior decoration to create an outdoor living space, natural colour to favour the feeling of well being, pep colour to give vitality to the terrace. The choice is yours! Don't hesitate to ask us about the choice of colours. We will be happy to recommend the colours best suited to your environment (roof, facade, window frames, terrace floor and surroundings).

choose your shade sail colour

Thermal comfort for the terrace and the house

On a terrace, the perceived heat is generated by the direct radiation of the sun, but also by the reflection of the environment (paving, facade elements...).
Each shade sail colour has a reference index that quantifies the total heat transmitted to the space under the sail. The lower the index, the more heat is reduced by the solar flux.
Espace-Ombrage's shade sails also stop direct sunlight on façades and glass surfaces and prevent overheating of exposed rooms. By reducing the reverberation effect on your terrace and windows, the sail acts as a natural air conditioner.

Reduce heat and limit energy costs with solar sails

The ability of shade sails to reduce heat on terraces and in houses (by filtering UV rays on the windows) is an essential asset with the warming temperatures observed in recent decades. Shade sails are an option to reduce energy consumption that could be used to try to reduce heat (air conditioners, fans, outdoor sprayers). Shade sails are used for terraces and gardens of private individuals but also for professionals (nurseries, schools, public buildings, restaurants).
Do not hesitate to contact the espace-ombrage team to request a personalised project with a simulation of the shading on your terrace.

Watch the video for ideas on how to install the ideal shade sails when exposed to the sun: