Natural protection with shade sails

Shade sails : protect your skin against harmeful UVs

protection solaire grâce aux voiles d'ombrage

Terrace, garden, swimming pool : enjoy a protected summer with Espace Ombrage.

By concern about your comfort, we manufactured all our products in order to ensure maximum protection against UVs.


Each colour of shade sail has a UPF index (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), informing you about the level of sun protection.

Slightly different according to the colour of the sail, the UV rate transmitted through our sails never exceed 8%. 

This will ensure an optimal protection against UV. 

Coloris voiles d'ombrage



Enjoy a real visual comfort 

protection solaire grâce aux voiles d'ombrage

According to the colour chosen, the light will be filtrated more or less intensely by the shade sail, allowing you to create your own atmosphere.

The shade sail will protect you from any blinding effect and visual inconfort. Clear sails will filtrate UV while cretaing luminosity and "second day" in the house.

Daker sails will protcet efficiently from the sunlight intensity, under important sunshine.






Thermal comfort for terraces and houses



On a terrace, the heat felt is generated directly from the sunlight, but also by reflection on the environment.

Each colour of our shade sails has a different index which quantifies how much heat is transmitted on the surface under the sail. The more that index is low, the less heat will be transmitted by solar flux.
protection UV avec une voile d'ombrage
Espace Ombrage's shade sails will also stop direct sun rays on frontages and glazed surfaces, and prevent overheat in the exposed rooms. The sail acts as a real natural conditioner. 



Discover in the video below installation ideas of shade sails in case of sun exposure :