Choosing the colour of a shade sail


Create your own atmosphere with Espace Ombrage' shade sails


mât et voiles d'ombrage

With Espace Ombrage, the shade sails give you the opportunity to create your own atmosphere. Given the fabric, you will filtrate more or less sunlinght, change the temperature under the solar sail, dose the brightness, or color the space under your shade sail.

The choice of the poles can also reinforce the general aestheticof the shade sail: Enjoy a design aspect with aluminium poles, or choose a more natural aspect with wooden poles. 

Every wish has a shade sail fit for it.






Colouring the light with Espace Ombrage' shade sails


Toile d'ombrage blancheA bright atmosphere is created according to the shade sails' colour

The large choice of colours among our ranges of shade sails allow you to pair the colour you chose with your furniture outdoor, your house' front, or to create a contrast with your interior decoration. 


100% Design :


Besides its convenience, the shade sail is an elegant decorative element which will perfectly be combined with any garden and terrace. 
It laos allows you to construct your outdoor while blending in the backgroung thanks to a large choice of colours, and the dfferents shapes available :



  • Square 
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Trapeze

You have the possibility to create custom made shade sails for a fully personnalized installation.

voile d'ombrage pour créer une ambiance









Perfect to give you garden or terrace a makeover, the shade sail is an excellent solution to create a new atmosphere.

Discover in video installations of shade sails, featuring each time an original and trendy atmosphere, perfect to renew your outdoor.