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Triangular coconut sail

Natural coconut fiber shade sail

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  • Wind: 60 km/h
  • Weight: 980 g/m²
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Shipping time within 48h
Wind: 60 km/h
Weight: 980 g/m²
Guarantee: 2 years

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Natural coconut fiber shade sail
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A natural coconut fiber sail to shade your terrace

This shade sail will transform your terrace into a decorative outdoor space. It is a trendy sail that will give a subdued light and shade. It is available in rectangle or triangle sizes to be hung as a shade sail or hung on a pergola structure.

Like all sails, coconut fibre cloth has negative curvatures to guarantee good tension. The dimensions given are taken from ring to ring.

Square natural coconut fiber sail

This coconut fiber fabric which is manufactured in our workshops, is made of a hessian fabric which has an airy mesh, that lets air and water through. Its natural decorative effect dresses your terrace and garden up, creates a natural area and will definetely make you feel the summery atmosphere. Once the fabric is hung, you get a shade with a nice subdued light. The natural fiber shade sail does not have any UV protection properties (please refer to the Australe, polyester and acrylic sails for a maximum UV protection).

This fabric is ideal for natural environments, seasides if the climate is not too humid, and brings a rustic chic touch to urban environments. It goes very well with outdoor wooden decks, rattan furniture and woven rugs. To go further, you can get the Natural coconut fiber rope from Espace Ombrage. It will allow you to tense your coconut shade sail while keeping the global esthetics.

  • The coconut fibre is weather resistant. Please note that the sail will be heavier when wet, its weight will be doubled.
  • Negative curvature on each side.
  • Dimensions given are from ring to ring.

  • The color of the fiber will form a patina and get darker over time.

  • Practical information: remove the cloth easily in winter, let it dry well before storing it in a shelter for the winter.

Fabric: natural coconut fiber

The fabric is reinforced with ropes on the diagonals.

Weight: 900g/m2

Warranty: 2 years

Available sunshade shapes

Triangle coconut sail


3,50 x 3,50 x 3,50m (4,50m2)

Rectangle coconut sail


2,00 x 3,00m (5,10m2)

3,00 x 4,00m (10,20m2)

3,00 x 5,00m (12,75m2)

3,00 x 6,00m (15,85m2)

Square coconut sail


2,00 x 2,00 (3,40m2)

3,00 x 3,00m (7,55m2)

To fix your shade cloth, here are some additional products.

Installation of the coconut fiber shade cloth

Make sure you have 4 safely attached hanging rings to attach the sail to the corners. This sail can also be attached to a pergola structure. You will also need to get cordage at each angle to have a perfectly-tensed sail.

Due to the natural material of coir and its mesh, it is best to make sure you have tensioning distances so that the tension of the sail can be adjusted as wanted. Make sure you get a sufficient hanging height.

Good to know: the coconut cloth has a direction of installation. It is necessary to install it with the seams of reinforcements towards the ground.

Fixings for the coconut fiber shade cloth

Sails in 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4, 3x5 format require 4 attachment points.

Rectangle 3x5m coconut shade sail

The 3x6 sail requires 6 attachment points (see diagram below).

Rectangle 3x6m coconut shade sail

The 3,5x3,5x3,5 triangle sail requires 3 attachment points.

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The canopy is supplied with corners. A rope must be attached to each corner to put the sail in tension. You can use the ropes and pulleys to tension the sail but it is not mandatory. Please note that the 300x600cm canopy has 6 attachment points. The canvas doubles in weight when wet.

The natural coconut fiber fabric requires little maintenance. The fiber will patinate in time. It is a summer canvas that will need to be stored in a dry place for winter.

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